March 12, 2013 @ 11:52 AM

by Cliff Smith

Just about everyone suffers from lower back pain now and then. For some, it is a chronic, nagging, ongoing problem.  The key to prevention is to strengthen the lower back muscles.  

I’ve had issues with my lower back for over 30 years due to backyard football injuries, bike crashes and strenuous backpacking adventures. Fortunately, I learned these exercises a long time ago, and now I know how to prevent my lower back pain.

These few simple exercises were recommended to me by a doctor to help prevent lower back pain, while strengthening and stretching the back and leg muscles. 

I made this 4 minute video showing how anyone can do these low back exercises just about anytime, anywhere. They’re not meant to be difficult. They’re really more of a warm up that I do before other strenuous activities, like mountain biking or swimming. Also, they make a great stretch for the body any time of day or night.

Anyone can do these low back strengthening and stretching exercises in just a few minutes.  The important thing is to do them once daily, or at least on a semi-regular schedule. It may take a few sessions before the benefits begin to be felt. Eventually, though, you should feel your back and legs getting stronger, more limber, and better able to withstand stress.
Sunbreeze Oil and Sunbreeze Balm
Before beginning to warm up and stretch the low back, I like to apply Sunbreeze Oil or Balm in that area.  It is a powerful essential oil made with Eucalyptus, menthol and camphor that enhances circulation and loosens up those lower back muscles. Since you always want to warm up the muscles before stretching, this is a quick way to get things going.

Watch my 4 minute video and learn know how to do these exercises to keep your lower back strong and healthy. Then, post your comments to let me know the results.