February 17, 2017 @ 5:05 PM

By Jane Wakefield

Jane with yellow flowers

Here is a brief overview of how to get the most from this wonderful food lifestyle. This outline  is all there is to it. The equation is pretty simple. Eat Sunrider foods & clean up your body = great health with lots of energy. Imagine, never being tired, irritable, fat or sick and then having such a clear mind that things come to you easily and effortlessly. Although these may seem like pretty big claims, and they are not touted by Sunrider,  but by  the people who have eaten these foods on a regular basis.

Although Sunrider as a company does not tell people what to eat and what not to eat, you can be on the fast track to better health or take things more slowly.

Here are a few points to consider getting the most health value from your foods:


  1. Make sure to eat 2-3 Sunrider meals each day. (meal= 1 Nuplus & 1 Quinary) mix with 8 oz. of a healthful beverage.
  2. Drink 1 Q Cali tea per day. (1 tea bag makes 1 quart, never use-boiling water; allow the water to cool a bit before adding the tea) Never re-heat the tea. Use 5-8 drops of SunnyDew to sweeten and feed your pancreas.
  3.  Drink 3 Q Fortune Delight per day. 1 packet per quart. (Dissolve the fortune in a little tepid water then  add cold water, it mixes      better this way.)  Add ice if desired and 5-8 drops of SunnyDew.
  4.  Eat 1 Sunbar at the same time during the day. Take small bites and drink plenty of Fortune Delight.

1. Avoid or cut way down on animal based foods.  Of course this is optional but it helps.

2. Avoid fried foods.

3. Increase fruits and vegetables (Cooked as little as possible.)

4. Decrease breads and pastas.

      5. Avoid soft drinks and coffee. (These block the immune system.)

Helpful hints:

1. Eat your Sunrider meal 1/2 hour before eating other table foods. (Give the foods a chance to work.)

2. If you eat table food first, wait 2 hours before eating your Sunrider meal.

3. Drink your fluids between meals, not with meals.


I suggest keeping a log or taking notes on any changes in you body, even if they are hardly noticeable. When you first start eating these foods your body will do some detoxification. You may notice change in toilet habits, perhaps drippy nose, plugged ears, pimples etc. You may not have any; everyone is different.

Your body will start cleaning out the mucus that is lining your "insides", which is preventing the absorption of any good foods you are putting into your body. After you get started on the Sunrider foods you will notice a higher energy level, no need for coffee or other stimulants. Eventually all your cravings for foods that are not healthy will disappear.

If you feel hungry, have another Nuplus without the Quinary. I mix my meal with organic rice milk, or orange juice or carrot juice, Cliff and, Elliot like theirs with rice milk and 1/2 of a banana. You can mix it with any nutritious liquid (I don't recommend water at first. )



To your health!