September 23, 2016 @ 12:02 AM

How to naturally prepare for the cold and flu season.

By: Jane Wakefield
Rx drugs
Yes, it’s only September, but pretty soon you’ll start seeing commercials on TV about cold and flu remedies. Right before the annoying holiday commercials will come the onslaught of fear tactics encouraging us to power through our colds. Have you noticed that the most frequent commercials on TV are those from drug companies promising to treat whatever ails you?

I’ve heard my friends say, “There are so many side effects to those drugs, who in their right mind would take them?” Sure, that is one observation, but there’s something else worth mentioning. Many of the drugs advertised on TV are so expensive it is quiet probable that those “solve the problem drugs” won’t even be covered in your medical insurance plan!  It’s no coincidence that the big pharmaceutical companies are the companies with tremendous advertising budgets, that’s why we see so many commercials.
sick with a cold
Luckily, our customers and followers are not the "druggie"  types. Our customers work on developing a healthy lifestyle by eating right to maintain a healthy weight and minimize any illnesses. We, at, like to support and encourage people to take control of their health. We send out e-mails and answer nutrition related questions with hopes that our friends and customers will be healthy and live full rich lives. That doesn’t mean we will never get sick. We interact with others, ride public transportation, mix and mingle at work and share germs. Sometimes we will get sick. Sometimes our bodies need to purge toxins and release “bugs” that have infiltrated our systems. In other words, we get out of balance.
healthy people doing yoga
In a perfect world we would all have strong immune systems and avoid sickness, but we don’t live in a perfect world. We advocate using products to ensure strong immune systems, every day. Developing good habits and eating right will go a long way in keeping the doctor away. Good health is not only the absence of disease, it is having high energy levels to do the everyday things we all want and need to do.

What happens when you don’t feel 100%? When you feel a little achy or tired, or your nose starts dripping, you're coughing and sneezing, what do you do? Do you immediately go to bed, drink some tea, grab the over the counter remedy and put your life on hold? 

If you are like most people you wait too long to take any action. We often try to power through and keep going to work and running around with the kids. Life can’t just stop, right? If we believe the TV commercials, we can take this or that and just keep going. While we may get some relief of symptoms, drugs do not cure us. The body is the healer! Drugs may help us cope with some symptoms, but sometimes, taking drugs prolongs the cold or flu or other serious imbalances.

We like to take and recommend a proactive approach. Cliff and I have been eating and drinking the Sunrider products we sell for almost 16 years and as a result we have managed to keep our immune system strong and avoid illnesses. If we get stressed or if we  come down with a cold, it never lasts very long. What’s our secret? We always have our whole food concentrate arsenal at hand. We don’t run out to the pharmacy to grab something for instant relief. Instead we keep the following items on hand at all times: VitaDophlius, Chinese Golden Seal, Conco, Alpha 20C, SunnyFresh, and of course, plenty of Fortune Delight.

A winter's safety net
VitaDophlius A great probiotic to keep your gut in check. Eat it right from the package.
Chinese Golden Seal Nature's antibiotic - safe, effective. Take at the very 1st sign of a cold.
Conco Keep your respiratory system strong.
Alpha 20C Strengthen your immune system.
SunnyFresh Clean up your gut and soothe your throat.
Fortune Delight Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. A delicious drink with zero calories.