January 2, 2017 @ 6:14 AM

By Jane Wakefield

a person sick with a coldAre the people around you making you sick?
"Oh it's something going around" they say.  "It must have been something in the air on the airplane."  "Little Susie keeps picking up something at school."  These are some of the phrases I hear when someone "comes down" with a cold. Do we really "catch" a cold?  Why do some people seem to stay healthy during the cold and flu season while others seem to always get sick?
It's the strength of our immune systems that will determine if and how often we get sick or "catch" something. Wouldn't it be smart to build up your immune sytem rather than wait for a cold to settle in and then try to fight to alleviate its symptoms? Plan ahead and be prepared by nourishing your immune system. Today's communication will show you how to feed your immune system to avoid or lessen the effects of the colds and the flu.

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For those  who have been using the Sunrider products for  a while now, this stuff is obvious; but for people who are new to the idea of nourishing your way to health, listen up. The following products ought to be on hand so at the slightest sign of your immune system failing you will be ready to keep those nasty "bugs" away.
Alpha 20C is a formulation designed to nourish the immune sytem. 
Conco is a formulation designed to nourish your respiratory system. The Lungs, the Sinuses , the Bronchioles.
Chinese GoldenSeal is like mother nature's antibiotic without any side effects. Unlike other GoldenSeal found in typical health food stores, Sunrider's Chinese GoldenSeal is formulated and processed in such a way that it is safe to use for an extended period of time. Most over the counter GoldenSeal has a restriction of use of only 2 weeks.
Mint Calli tea soothes the lining of the throat and the mint flavor helps to open up breathing pathways. Calli tea also helps remove toxins from the internal organs.
Fortune Delight is a powdered tea that will keep you hydrated, it's faster and better than plain water as the Fortune Delight helps get the water into the cells to flush out toxins and mucus. Nothing hydrates like Fortune Delight. 
Having these formulas on hand will keep you and your family stocked with a natural healthy way to combat the cold and flu season. Why wait until you've already been exposed or have "caught" a bug? Of course, these products are foods, not chemicals or drugs so they are perfectly safe to use everyday. Be proactive, take charge of your immune system.
In my personal experience I have had great success when at the first sign of my immune system going down, you know, an itchy throat, sneezing, a slight cough. I take 4 capsules of Alpha 20C, 4caps of Conco, 4 caps of Chinese GoldenSeal and lots of Calli and Fortune Delight. I do this twice a day and usually the cold doesn't stand a chance becasue my body responds as it should. I also eliminate heavy table foods like bread, pasta, cheese all of which take a lot of energy for the body to process, so I just go lightly on table foods. I drink all my NuPlus and VitaShake so I am sure to get high quality nutrition without the bloat and heaviness of table foods which can make the healing process take longer. 
It's pretty simple, you take care of your body and it will take care of you!