September 29, 2016 @ 2:07 PM

By Jane Wakgirl showing weight lossefield and Sherry Jones

The body is designed to have an optimal weight and shape. During our life, choices in lifestyle decisions, eating habits, available foods, and our environment work together to move us away from that optimal position.
Many nutritional and herbal companies' approach to solving the excess fat out of the body is to get the fat out using ways that are not generally healthy for the body. They use procedures, colonics, herbs, or other ingredients, such as Ma Huang (ephedra) and Guarana (high caffeine content) to this intent. While these herbs will decrease appetite and increase energy, they do it for the wrong reasons. The means is as important as the end. We at recommend, the way to achieve weight loss is to strive to take natural body functions and nourish them so they work at optimal levels. The results are startling!

Why Diets Don’t Work:man eating doughnut
When the body is starved (diets, counting calories,skipping meals, empty calories):

  •  It stores fat (hard times ahead; store fat for protection!)
  •  It cannibalizes itself by utilizing its own muscles, including organ muscle, lung, liver, heart, and  kidneys
  •  It increases cravings
  •  Energy decreases and so does the metabolism. 

When the body is properly nourished balanced with the right combination of whole foods:

  • It lets go of fat as it balances (excess fat is not a balanced condition)
  • Muscles are nourished
  • Cravings diminish
  • Energy increases helping metabolism!

Nutritionists and doctors agree that healthy eating habits and regular exercise should take priority.
Unfortunately, actually doing
this has been difficult, and for some, almost impossible. This whole food approach along with proper exercise:
(1) Eliminates the problems associated with dieting.
(2) Improve
s overall health and energy levels.
(3) Holds out the promise of success where other methods fail.

cut sugar cravings with VitatasteCravings?
If you ar
e having sugar cravings and want to take back control, try 2 capsules 3 times daily of Vitataste before meals!
Drink plenty of Fortune Delight to help flush fat and digestive waste from the system.
Slow metabolism?
Try Slim Caps to help jump start your metabolism and allow stored fat to be more efficiently burned as energy!

Carbohydrate sensitive?
Do excess carbs make you sluggish or fatter? Use SunTrim Plus capsules  ½ hour before your meal and watch your body convert excess carbs into energy instead of stored fat!

Does your waistline reveal you have “food that must move?” Try Slim Caps and lose inches off your waist with natural intestinal cleansing. Fiber in your diet helps brush your intestines of fat, waste and poison. Always use SunBars or Fibertone with the Slim Caps as fiber is needed to absorb the fat passing through the intestines. If there is not enough fiber the fat can be reabsorbed back into the blood stream. Fiber also keeps the gallbladder functioning well by producing bile that lubricates the colon!  Eat SunBars with your Fortune Delight. 1 bar has the same fiber content as 8 bananas! Wow!

Water retention?jane and cliff owners of
1 vial of Electrosport in 2 quarts of water replenishes electrolytes and enables our cells to function properly.
The good news: healthy, nutritionally sound dietary fat management and weight loss can now be achieved with a little help from nature's forgotten miracle foods--our safe, nutritional herbs, carefully formulated and concentrated to help the body reach its own balance!

Here's to your health!