February 6, 2017 @ 8:12 PM

BestHealthFoodStore OwnersI'm Cliff Smith one of the owners of BestHealthFoodStore.net.  Since 2001, my wife, Jane Wakefield, and I have been sharing our favorite healthy living products with thousands of people around the world. After watching many fad health products come and go, we're absolutely certain that our exclusive manufacturer, Sunrider, has been producing the safest, most effective health and beauty formulas on Earth for over 35 years. That's why so many others have been using Sunrider products since 1982!

Dr. Tei Fu Chen Dr. Oi-Lin Chen

We're proud to say that all the products we offer are made exclusively by Dr. Tei-Fu Chen and his company, Sunrider, the only manufacturer we trust for serious nutrition.
In addition to being one of the owners of BestHealthFoodStore.net, I've also been an Actor and morning radio host. I worked for 25 years as a radio personality in places like Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia, and Phoenix.  You can see and hear some of my work at www.Voicecreation.com.
Cliff SmithHere's my personal story about how our Sunrider products have worked for me: "In 2001, when I first started using NuPlus, Quinary, Calli Tea, and Fortune Delight, I felt like a new person. Before I found these products, I had a bad knee, suffered with bone spurs on my spine, and I caught colds all the time. Now, I rarely get sick or have pain, even with all my activity. I go at full speed with faster recovery times. My standard fitness routine is mountain biking 10-20 miles at a time over rugged terrain. At age 55, I mountain bike regularly, swim, hike, and snow ski when I get a chance. All of this while lacking healthy cartilage in my right knee, which was damaged from a childhood football injury. Using these products as my main source of nutrition I eat other stuff for fun and still manage to keep doing the activities I enjoy! I really feel younger each year as my body REGENERATES rather than DEGENERATES." 
NuPlus powered nutritional drink mixQuinary 5 formula herbal blend to balance the bodyconcentrated herbal tea
Even better than achieving my own fitness goals is seeing others reach new heights by following our Daily Nutrition Plan. This plan works wonders for people as they finally get life-changing results from products that really do provide tangible rewards, not just hype. Using any portion of our plan will enhance your health, immediately.
Please feel free to contact me or Jane to ask for more details about our products or about healthy living. We always enjoying hearing from people who are taking control of their health.   
The best of health to you,  
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