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At this online health food store, you can discover whole foods, healthy drinks and other unique products that help your body reach its own perfect balance, in harmony with nature.

Read how these products have provided real results for others.  Then, try them for yourself to see how you can reduce cravings, gain energy, build muscle, support healthy digestion, or achieve the wellness goals you desire.

Sunbreeze Oil"Ever since a friend of mine introduced me to this product I have shared it with everyone who is suffering from sore muscles...and what a difference... usually it takes one or two times rubbing the sunbreeze oil directly along the tendon in a fast motion followed by a slow slightly deeper rubbing into the soreness. All I have to use is about three drops each time. This stuff is miraculous and I for one am grateful for such a blessing of a product."
James P Sullivan


Tristan Jade Lloyd"I work outside much of the week, all year long. I started buying NuPlus because it is super convenient to have on-hand at work and it tastes great. I really noticed the body benefits when I started consuming 3 or more NuPlus per day. I eat fewer calories, and have no sugar or salt cravings. In fact my only craving is for green vegetables. My grocery bills are lower and I am eating healthier."
-Tristan J. Lloyd
Tristan Jade, LLC/www.EssentialArnica.com

NuPlus"Ever since I started eating Nuplus, drinking Calli tea and Fortune Delight on a daily basis, I noticed more energy and an overall well being. My constant body aches have disappeared and so have my cravings for coffee and sweets. My weight is steady now and I feel satisfied. Thank you so much for your products. They changed my lifestyle."
-E. Belansky/Calgary, Alberta

Calli Tea

"I have suggested to so many people how Calli tea has helped my body fat % come down from 32% to 26%. I drink it before my workouts and it gives me so much energy to keep going hour after hour.  Four people have trusted my word and decided to purchase it and were truly amazed how it made them feel right away."
-Health and Fitness Trainer/Lisa Campbell/Villa Rica, Georgia

Fortune Delight"I just want to make a comment about the claims you make about natural weight loss.  They are absolutely true!  I have been following a vegan diet for the past year, and I use Sunrider products like Calli Tea, Fortune Delight, Sunnydew, Quinary, and Nuplus. I decided to start a weight loss challenge at my work on January 4th this year, so I started exercising for about an hour a day (low-impact aerobic exercise, nothing too fancy).  I have lost almost 40 pounds.  I am convincedQuinary it is the combination of the vegan diet, the exercise, and the nutritional quality of the Sunrider products.  I just want to say thank you for introducing me to these products. They have truly changed the quality of my life."
Michelle Merkley, CCUFC
Director, Marketing & Business Development
Keystone Federal Credit Union

I had been physically exhausted for a few years.  I am much better, and have now stopped eating sugar.  I do not drink alcohol either.  Trying to lose more weight as well.  We have a strong social life.  Thank you for Sunrider products!
- Candace G./Oregon and Arizona

Olympic Training Center"Here’s our future Olympiad at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs last month, January 2015.  Hannah competed for TEAM USA’s Synchronized Swim Team and placed in the top 30 during the competition.  They only take the top 20 to the next round of tryouts, but it's amazing to know that she's one of the top 30 in the entire nation.

Meanwhile, Rachel continues to swim synchro and made it on to the Red MountainNuPlus Varsity swim team this year, as a Freshman.  All that NuPlus paying off!  Rachel and Hannah have been eating NuPlus since they were Calli Teatoddlers. Hannah has been known to mix her NuPlus in the car, after practice when she’s starving.  She prefers to mix it with cranberry juice, but will use orange juice in a pinch.

  • Both girls start their weekdays off with mint Calli tea.

Rachel and HannahRachel is growing so quickly now that sometimes she has actual 'growing pains'.  Fortunately, she discovered that drinking 2 NuPlus helps her feel better.  She might avoid them all together if she would drink NuPlus every day, but she’s a typical teenager in Alpha 20 Cmost other regards.

Hannah also keeps a container of Alpha 20C in her bathroom and reaches for that when she feels anything coming on that might slow her down.

I started taking Bella and Beauty Pearls once in a while about 2 years ago since I was 45 and getting to 'that age'.  One day, after raising my voice Bella and Beauty Pearlat both my girls and having my husband say to me, ‘You know you are like this once a month…’, I started taking 2 Bella and 2 Beauty Pearls a day since I clearly needed to do something.  It has now been 9 months and I haven’t shouted at my children, or my husband since.  Not that they haven’t annoyed me, I just am not as mad and am much more even kneeled about life in general.  As a person who VitaSprayhas been using Sunrider products for over 10 years, these are my two new favorites.  (Although a day without Fortune Delight would be bad).   Maybe one or the other would be ok, but both of them together work great, so I’m not messing with results.

I also started using Vitaspray more.  I used to keep it in the kitchen but found I use it more when it is next to my toothbrush." -July R./Mesa, Arizona

Brian at Lake Powell"When I was first introduced to these products I was a bit skeptical, but I agreed to give Fortune Delight a try.  After drinking it for a couple of months, I noticed I had lost weight and began feeling healthier, so I was hooked.  Now I drink Fortune Delight throughout the day and don’t know what I would do without it.  I have begun to also use more of the products and I am definitely a big supporter of Sunrider!"
Brian England


“Getting ready to place another order soon, ready for some Sunbars and different flavors of Nuplus and Calli. I really enjoy your products. I find if I put a banana and strawberries in my Nuplus shake before I go to work it satisfies my sweet cravings for the day. I went to my doctor last Friday and she noticed how my skin glowed. She asked me what I had been doing, and I handed her the Sunrider booklet I received with my order."
-C. Maberry/Paw Paw, MI

"I am 1000% happy with your products. They are exactly what Jane said they were. I plan to order more and others. Sometimes you meet good honest people in life, I feel this is one of those connections. Hopefully you keep me alive a little longer, but not too long."
-A. Cerrato/Barefoot Bay, FL

  • "I just want you to know that I really appreciate the effort you have put into your Web Site. Its high quality reflects the pride that you take in presenting your products.  I have ordered from your company before, however had misplacedSunbreeze Oil and Balm by Sunrider my information and was searching and searching for your Web Site and for the "Liquid Gold" (Sunbreeze Oil). Several sites came up (I won't mention the others) and I  had almost given up hope of ordering. The other sites seemed so incomplete compared to yours and what you have to offer and I was not sure of their integrity of product.  Finally, I found you again! YES! You are now placed "in my favorites" in my computer file!!  Thank you so much for taking your time with me today, and for sharing your knowledge of product.  On a final note.....I just want to tell you that Sunbreeze has really helped me to stay on task with my work!  As a Massage Therapist I used to apply the product to clients during their massage. Although I had never used it for myself. However one night, I opted for Sunbreeze.  I applied it and honestly, within minutes I felt better and by morning I was good to go!   So thank you so much and I look forward to my Sunbreeze arriving soon and I will be in touch!  The very best to you and the others at BestHealthfoodStore!!!"
    -Respectfully Yours, Lynda Thomas-Benkel, Licensed Massage Therapist

    Boynton Beach, Florida

Cliff Smith Exercising with Fitness Brigade"Oh how I enjoyed reading of your experience with Fitness Brigade.    I am having a love/dislike relationship with it.  I love how my body is burning fat, losing weight, and getting so much stronger, but when I am on the 50th pushup, my body is in protest.  I started with a small group of just three of us.  One is 74 and does every exercise very modified.  I am 64 and can do most of them but at a slower pace.  The 40 year old is doing 10 pound weights.  I am delighted with 3 pound weights!  In 6 weeks I am down 9 pounds of fat!  Pretty exciting!  I love the new slimmer, stronger me!  Best of all you sound like you are having fun, and we are too.  What a wonderful program Sunrider has put out for us.  Thanks for sharing your story." -Trudy/ Canada   

NOW, Read My Sunrider Ftiness Brigade Experience Update Sunrider Sunsmile Toothpaste10/24/2014

  • "I've been using the SunSmile toothpaste since Saturday. My gums have always bled when I brush them. I stopped spitting blood by the second day after use. Plus, my teeth feel clean the first time I brush and my breath is fresher than ever!" -Brandi/Mesa, AZ
  • "It has been almost 1 year since I have been using Calli tea.I had been drinking the tea for only 2 weeks when I had a scheduled appointment with my neurologist.  At that time I had already had fewer migraine headaches.  I told the Dr what I was doing and she said that it "couldn't hurt" and if I still was doing well after several months she would concede that it had helped......I am amazed at the benefits I am realizing just from drinking Calli tea!!! I had my 6 month neuroligist check up last week.  I used to have 18 - 20migraine headaches a month.  Now I am experienceing 1-2 and mild at that.They are controllable with only 1/2 a migraine tablet. This is HUGE as the pain had been controlling my life for years!!!! I wanted to say thank you!  Thank you!! Hugs, Storme"
  • "I have been very pleasantly surprised how well the Fortune Delight and Calli Tea has worked for me.  Using the drinks has helped me lose that extra layer of fat that has plagued me for some years now, without having to "diet".  I am looking forward to seeing what another 6 months will do."  Barta/Mesa, AZ
  • SunPack"I am 46 years old and my doctor tells me I am in great shape.  I work out at the gym 5 days a week, ski with my kids on the weekends in the winter, and enjoy volleyball, biking and hiking regularly.  I am careful about what I eat...except at holiday times.  Each year between Thanksgiving and the New Year, I typically gain 5 pounds.  It takes me most of the month of January to take it off again and I have followed that pattern for years.  In 2010, my weight gain increased to 8 pounds and in January 2011 when it was time to take it off, I found it wasn't disappearing even though I was eating clean and exercising like I should.  Everybody tells me, "Well, you are older now, so you have to expect to gain some weight each year."   I am stubborn enough to refuse to give in, so I cut back even more on calories and was able to lose a couple of pounds over the month of January by being hungry all day and going to bed hungry at night.  I know that's not healthy, but I felt desperate. I was even more desperate when I gained back  the two pounds at the end of the month.  I remembered that my Mom gave me a box of Calli Tea last year that I had never even opened.  I didn't even really know what it was for, so I looked it up online and after reading about it, decided to give it a try.  I love herbal tea anyway so what could it hurt?  I now drink the Calli Tea each morning.  Each bag makes 4 cups and I have about a cup before my workout first thing in the morning, then finish the rest of it by lunchtime.  I am still eating only healthy food, but I decided to NOT go hungry.  I eat what I need to be satisfied, drink my Calli and have dropped 4 pounds in the last 10 days.  Okay, that may not sound like sunlight breaking through the clouds and angels singing, but to ME it is significant because I didn't start out with a lot of weight to lose, and everybody knows those last few pounds are the hardest of all!  I like the way the Calli tastes; I don't need any sweetener at all and after my workout when the tea is cold - it still tastes good.  I am now giving the Quinary and Fortune Delight a try and I will let you know how that goes!"
    -R. Graham/Nampa ID

Important note: Weight loss is directly impacted by exercise and by a healthy, balanced diet.  Results are most often achieved when replacing unhealthy foods and drinks with healthier choices and by engaging in regular exercise.

  • VitaShake"I am now at 235, having lost 18 lbs since February 27, 2010.  That’s slow loss, but I have been able to keep it going and plan to lose another 10 lbs then level off for a year. My diet includes a VitaShake for breakfast which lasts pretty well to lunch.  A salad with chicken breast for lunch and a regular dinner.  When I have snacks, I have almonds or walnuts, sometimes an apple.  And iced tea during the day-Calli Tea.  They both seem to help. I exercise 1 to 5 times per week, more often at the lower end of the scale.  Better than nothing.  Also, I keep track of my weight, exercise and food intake on my I Phone app Tap and Track.  Age 76 and working 60+ hours per week.  Feel pretty good." -Robert E. Smith/Morrow,Ohio
  • "We like the Calli tea.  My wife drinks it every day, and she drinks Calli Night to help her sleep.  She’s lost a little weight, and we’ve both noticed that it makes us feel great!  We switched from unhealthy drinks, like coffee, and now our daughter is drinking Calli, too."  G. Henderson/Crystal River, FL
  • "My mom and dad sent me some Calli tea and some Fortune Delight, they mentioned that it would help me lose weight but I am a skeptic and didnt believe them, so I just drank it to be drinking tea, and within 4 days of starting this drink, I lost 3 whole pounds! I did not change what I ate or anything just added the tea to my daily drinking, and I am no longer skeptical about this WONDERFUL product!! Thank you so much!!!
     Bekka E./Springdale, Arkansas

Sunnydew Liquid Stevia

"I started drinking Calli tea about 4 months ago after my vocal instructor recommended it to me.  It is great for warming up and soothing the vocal cords.  Before Calli, I used to drink inordinate amounts of diet soda.  I knew the caffeine and artificial sweetener were bad for my health, but I was addicted.  Now I drink at least 32 ounces of Calli tea a day with Sunnydew Liquid Stevia.  I haven't craved soda even once since I started drinking Calli; and, I have never felt better!" M. Merkley/Westchester, PA

  • "Since I started drinking the Fortune Delight, I can't believe how much better I feel.  I also love the Sun Breeze Oil. Within the last six months, I have sold two cases of Sun Breeze Oil where I work." V. Rider/South Jordan, UT
  • "I love your NuPlus. I don't get hungry and crave sweets. I am not going to the vending machine at work!" Sharon/Lorain, OH
  • "I love the Fortune Delight. I have been using it for years. It is nutritious and delicious. It really helps me get rid of water retention, as I used to have a problem with that. I drink it every day and it tastes great. MY kids love it too!!!!!" -Julie/Lakewood WA


"VitaShake is very satisfying.... it actually fills me up! As if I had a full meal.... love it!" Anita/Union City, NJ

"Hi Jane and Cliff,  I just made my Calli tea (I use it for the liquid with my morning VitaShake). I shook the warm, wet Calli tea leaves into my dogs bowls, on top of their dry food, and they both wolfed it down as if I had thrown a steak on it. Then my Yorkie waits patiently for me to drizzle the left over teaspoon of my shake into his bowl. He LOVES my shake." -Barbara Stewart/Mesa, AZ

  • "Thanks for all your help on Sunbreeze Oil, it’s a great product.  When I go for a massage, lying face down on the table, my sinuses get really “clogged up”, when I flip over for the rest of my massage,  my wonderful therapist uses just a very small amount of Sunbreeze oil placed under my nose &  at my sinus pulse points."
    -C. Comer/Coeur d'Alene, ID
  • "I found out less than a year ago that I was diabetic.  While I have my blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure under control with daily medication, and exercise, I'm not comfortable with that.  My goal is to get off the medication at some point.  So I called Jane and Cliff to see how Sunrider might affect these areas in a positive, natural way.  After eating Sunrider for only a month, I'm not ready to come off the meds yet, but my blood sugar has not only dropped, I get consistently lower readings.  I'm very happy with the result so far.  And Sunrider curbs my appetite so that I'm not tempted to eat the high carb meals."  -S. Holly/Tucson, AZ
  • "I’ve consumed many different kinds of natural foods and healthy drinks for years now, but never was consistent with these Sunrider products.  Maybe 2-3 times a week I’d drink a smoothie with Nuplus or  a Vitashake. Well, starting last week, I began eating 3 of either NuPlus or VitaShake a day, Calli tea in the morning and Fortune Delight during the day, plus the Sunbars. In just this past week I’ve had some amazing changes occur! #1 sleeping better than I have in a long time. #2 alot more energy. #3 softer skin.  I am so excited!" Roxanne/Tai'Chi Instructor
  • "I initially ordered Fortune Delight in hopes of having a little more energy, and it has helped me in other ways.  This is such a great product I would recommend it to anyone."  K. Hancock/Tremont IL
  • "It's such a peace of mind to be eating what is so healthy for us.  We have a VitaShake and Calli Tea for breakfast everyday.   We also enjoy Sunbars, NuPlus and plenty of Fortune Delight.  We are so energized, and anytime we're hungry we eat extra NuPlus for more energy.  I don't know what we would do without these products and we have never felt better or more healthy."  Geri and Bernie/Mesa, AZ

Citric-C Chewable Vitamin C Tablets

"One day last week I woke up feeling like I might be coming down with something -- ugh. While searching my kitchen for something that might help, I found the unopened bottle of Citric-C chewable Vitamin C tablets that had come with my Sunrider Starter Pack. I tried a tab -- it was delicious! So I chewed a few every hour for the rest of the day. By evening, I was feeling almost normal, and the next morning I woke up feeling fine! I continue to take Citric-C daily and just placed an order for 3 bottles. Amazing product!" 
-Andrea Conway/Paradise Valley AZ

  • "When I first started using NuPlus, Fortune Delight and Calli Tea, I lost 8 pounds in one week and felt great.  By the 4th week, I had lost 30 pounds and felt like a new person.  I'm a 47 year old man, so this was like a new beginning for me.  Now I'm able to ride faster, farther and longer on my mountain bike, snow ski on moguls all day, play tennis for hours at a time, and even put up a good fight on the basketball court against my teenage son, all without pain.  Now, I go at full speed with faster recovery times when snow skiing and mountain biking.  I've been able to easily maintain my natural weight loss control program for over 8 years, and feel stronger every year.  I plan to keep doing the activities I love to do well into my '50's, 60's and beyond!" 
    Cliff Smith/Co-Owner of BestHealthFoodStore.net
  • "I have been eating Sunrider since I was 19 (over 20 years).  It assists me with being nourished to the point, where I am not interested in unhealthy food.  It is convenient and easy to use anywhere."  Tod Miller/8 time "Iron Man" Triathlete
  • “I simply love the ease of ordering online and shipping is very quick compared to some other companies I’ve ordered from. I also love all the complete and detailed information that is provided as they make choosing what I need to buy so easy!” Kim/Centennial, CO
  • "I feel informed and guided with my health from genuine caring people." Leah/Malvern, PA
  • "Good news! Peter has lost 5 pounds. He was so excited Monday when he weighed in and so was I. Sunday I mentioned to him that he looked like he had lost weight.  It’s a start and I wanted to share with you as your encouragement to Peter helped. Thank you very much for taking hours of your schedule to help solve our problem and guiding Peter to a more healthy way of eating. You are excellent in educating people, so please continue your passion."  Blenda/Atlanta, GA
  • "Your regular email messages are a constant reminder to pay attention to what my body is telling me and to maintain a healthy attitude and environment.  The sun breeze oil is terrific!" A. Greenberg/Encino, CA
  • "Quick shipping on a product I really needed!"  Diana/Albuquerque, NM
  • "Customer service and products have all been A+!" Ralph/U.S.Air Force
  • "When I first started eating NuPlus, and drinking Calli, and Fortune Delight I was skeptical because I thought that I was already in good health. I was at my ideal weight with no major aches or pains. At 45 I was doing okay but I thought I'd better be proactive to prevent the ailments some of my friends were experiencing.  What I realized after a few weeks of eating these products was a much higher level of health and vitality. I had more energy and could last longer on the tennis court without getting winded. Now at age 57 I feel stronger and healthier than ever. My acupuncturist says, “You are the healthiest patient I have.”  My OBGYN says, “You have the health of a 30 year old.”
    Jane Wakefield/BestHealthFoodStore.net Co-Owner/

    Health Coach/Mesa, AZ
  • "My absolute favorite is ‘Sunbreeze Aromatherapy Essential Oil’ – which I call, ‘An All-Mighty-Oil’.  We have it throughout the house so that it is always within our reach.  I wouldn’t go out without it.  My husband and I have 2 boys and we use it topically for all kinds of issues." 
    Michi Tremonte/Westchester, NY

  • "I absolutely loved the samples of Calli and Fortune Delight you sent.  I wish I could find these at a local store....even my kids liked it and they don't like anything!!!" Cori/Elk River, MN
  • "I used Sunrider products in the early 90's and had gotten away from them. Recently I've started using the NuPlus, Calli and Fortune Delight again. I let my sister try some Calli and Fortune Delight and she has commented several times about how much more energy she has when she drinks the Calli tea. Yesterday she told me, 'don't run out of Calli, I want some more'."  R. Harvoy/Ogallala, NE
  • "I did try the Calli tea and it was really very good - it was tasty and I found I really did feel good the day that I drank it - I had a lot of energy, but not "jumpy energy" - normal, natural, healthy energy.  I like that 1 tea bag makes quite a lot of tea."  Susan/Babylon, NY
  • "I have been refining my diet over the past 2 years to be more alkaline and have good results.  My chronic joint pain is gone, I think more clearly and have great energy." Susan Norton, CPCC DesigningYourLifeCoaching.com
  • "I have to say, I am impressed with your customer service and follow up. I was at a party and heard a gal talking about Calli and Fortune Delight, and it intrigued me. I did a Google search later that night and found your website. My order arrived later that week, and I'm happy with the product. I will explore your website further and order again." 
    Emily/Overland Park, KS
  • "I try to avoid OTC medicine.  I believe that preventative care, nutrition & exercise should provide what's needed for health. I use Sunbreeze oil frequently". S. Kim/Silver Spring MD
  • "My little containers of Sunbreeze balm found their way around my office helping people this winter.  Since incorporating the use of Sunbreeze balm in my massages, my clients are all now requesting it".
    Cathy Hannon/Franklin Park, IL 
  • "I have used the Sunbreeze Oil for many years.  I find it lasts a long time.  I found that if I apply the oil above my eyes and by my sinus area I feel wonderful in a short time.  You feel a wonderful warm sense on the area.  This product has helped improve my life."
    J. Anello/Staten Island, NY
  • "A friend told me about Sunbreeze oil and how it helped her.  I tried the oil and it helps me with staying alert at my job.  I ended up ordering a case and sharing it with my friends." L.James/Charlestown, RI
  • "My favorite product is Sunbreeze. It has so many purposes and in our family we call it the “magic stuff”. Another product I love is Calli tea…my favorite is the Mint. I notice how much more clearly I think and am able to focus…it is like it clears all the cobwebs out of my brain.  I believe that the only way I do have control over my health and well being is without medication. I am 67 years old and do not take any medications…I believe my faith in God, eating whole foods, exercising, getting plenty of sunshine/Vitamin D3 and plenty of rest all help me be a good steward to my body.  Sunrider is a HIGH QUALITY product and it is a pleasure doing business with BestHealthFoodStore.net…I appreciate the professional way you run your business and the great customer service you provide." Cory Kiczenski/Oakhurst, CA
  • "I made my first purchase from Best Health Food Store in November 2008. We love the Calli Tea. I started reading about all the concentrated Foods & Drinks that Sunrider distributes. I am now looking forward to better health for my husband and me as after speaking with Cliff, I have just ordered the NuPlus, Quinary, more of the Calli and Fortune Delight. So, thanks to you Cliff & Jane, whose newsletters helped me make a decision, we are looking forward to our choice for a better life style".
    F. Stratas/Oxnard, CA
  • "I first heard about Sunbreeze from a co-worker 10 years ago.  I keep one at work and one at the house.  I have introduced it to co-workers. It CLEARS you right up.  The best part is it's all natural, and it only takes a TINY bit then you’re good to go!  I just love it!" D. Craig/Houston, TX
  • "Sunbreeze is WONDERFUL !   I'm not a person who buys much over the internet because of the trust issue; however, Sunbreeze is the absolute best thing I have found.  Sunbreeze helps me tremendously and I keep a bottle at my nightstand.  I highly recommend it!"
    J. Nicholson/Akron, OH
  • "I try to eat alkaline foods and the Fortune Delight and Calli help me with that as well as being delicious.  Walking and stretching daily is important to me.  I actually do believe that positive thinking helps one avoid dis-ease. I try to surround myself with positive people and give little to no energy to negative thinking.  I have enjoyed the Newsletters from Besthealthfoodstore.net because they are informational and straight forward, as well I appreciate the genuine care for others that I get from Cliff and Jane."  S. Amos/Tucson, AZ
  • 2 weeks ago I had the worst migraine ever.  I seriously couldn't have the lights on in my office or in my home, only natural light could I stand.  Finally a gal that I work with told me about Sunbreeze and handed me her balm.  I rubbed it on my temple and the back of my neck.  Inhaling the fumes instantly brought me comfort.  It was exhilarating!!  Thank you, since receiving mine, I've used it on my sore muscles and anywhere that hurts and within a small matter of time, I feel better, this is an amazing product!! -S. Lawrence/Caldwell, ID
  • "I actually heard about Sunbreeze through a friend at work.   My friend kept telling me this is a miracle.  To be honest, at first I was a bit skeptical, so I decided to try the product out.  I placed an order of a dozen Sunbreeze oil.  And the product worked miracles!  Sunbreeze is a truly modern miracle.   I motivate myself to stay fit.  I know that I have bills to pay. I need to have good health to be productive at work so I can make money to pay bills.   We have a lot of control over our well-being.  If I watch what I eat and exercise daily I can minimize a lot of health problems.  I try to eat healthy every day, with a complete diet of vegetables and other healthy foods.  Your website is truly the best.  Sunbreeze is one of the best.  I am giving Sunbreeze as a New Years gift and will recommend your site to my friends without thinking twice."
    D. Huynh/Katy, TX
  • "I have found Sunbreeze to be a good, natural product. It provides a calming sensation."  S. Wooten/Tamarac, FL
  • Sun Breeze Balm has proven to be a tremendous help to my 84-year old mother.  This product helps her hands and knees.  THANKS for such a great product that really WORKS! -A. Dobbs/Katy, TX
  • "Being new to Sunrider, I am still trying out various products; but I do find the customer service you provide to be refreshingly personal and helpful." D. Gillham/Springfield, MO
  • "If I had not enjoyed my experience as a Sunrider, I would not have been a customer for over 7 years."  E. Robinson/Tucson, AZ
  • "I plan to stay healthy with your original health food products.  Thank you for quick shipping of my order." Villyam/Brooklyn, NY
  • "I love Sunbreeze oil and share it with all my singing students. I want to live in good health until at least age105, so I exercise, wash my hands, eat right and use Sunbreeze. I carry Sunbreeze Oil wherever I go." Barbara Lampas/New York, NY
  • "Hi Jane, I really appreciate how much these products have improved my energy. I take the Calli Tea first thing in the morning before my workout, and during my workout I begin sipping on the Fortune Delight. Being a Fitness Trainer, these products work very well for me.  They give me the stamina to teach three 45 minute classes back to back. I recently started noticing how smooth the skin feels and looks after trying other products from Sunrider. I can honestly say whenever I'm short on cash, one thing I do not compromise are my Calli Tea and Fortune Delight. I know from personal experience  these products nourish the body and contribute to having healthy energy . They're GREAT!
     -Health and Fitness Trainer Lisa Campbell/ Villa Rica GA. (ATL)

Some of the testimonials above were submitted without compensation of any kind.  Others were from customers who may have received a free product valued at $15 or less in return for honest comments about their experiences with our products.

Some of the testimonials here were submitted without compensation of any kind.  Others were from customers who may have received a free product valued at $15 or less in return for honest comments about their experiences.

Most Products are on backorder from Sunrider. We will not take any more orders until Sunrider resolves their production problems. Please use our site for educational purposes, read the blog to learn about the products and how to best use them.

GMO Free LabelMoney Back Guarantee logoEASY Refund and Exchange Policy After you purchase anything at our health food store online, if you feel that it does not live up to your expectations, simply return any unused merchandise within 30 days and we’ll give you a full refund of the purchase price, or exchange for equal value. 

Sunnydew Liquid Stevia

Sunnydew Liquid Stevia

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