Sunbreeze Essential Oil and Sunbreeze Balm by Sunrider

Sunbreeze Oil

Sunrider Sunbreeze Oil and Balm

Sunbreeze Essential Oil and Sunbreeze Balm offer relief for sore muscles, and they're great to have around for aromatherapy, especially in stuffy sinus seasons. Made in America since 1982 by Sunrider, our exclusive manufacturer, but not sold in typical health stores.

Sunbreeze Essential Oil and Sunbreeze Balm are made with natural oils from herbs and flowers. 

Sunbreeze Balm

Sunbreeze Oil is warm like the sun and cool like an ocean breeze, for instant relief anytime!  Place a small amount of Sunbreeze Essential Oil or Sunbreeze Balm on your palm, rub hands together and inhale through nose and mouth for an energizing, aromatherapy experience.

Sunbreeze Essential Oil Ingredients:

  • Menthol, Cassia Leaf Oil, Mint Extract, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil, and Camphor

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Buy Sunbreeze Oil and Sunbreeze Balm from an authorized Sunrider distributorSunrider does not vouch for the authenticity of Sunbreeze purchased from unauthorized distributors on auction sites. 

According to our customers, who absolutely love this product, there are many ways to use Sunbreeze Essential Oil:

  • Kandesn Hand and Body LotionPlace a small amount on your hand, rub hands together and simply breathe to enjoy the aroma.
  • Add a few drops to Kandesn Hand and Body Lotion then spread all over the body.
  • Rub on temples and back of the neck.
  • Massage into sore muscles.
  • Massage into the bottom of the feet.
  • Rub on abdominal area.
  • Pour a few drops into tea.

Everyone loves Sunbreeze Essential Oil and Sunbreeze Balm!

"I have used the Sunbreeze Oil for many years.  I find it lasts a long time.  I rub it on and it works instantly.  You feel a wonderful warm sense on the area.  This product has helped improve my life."
-J. Anello/Staten Island, NY

"As a Massage Therapist I used to apply the product to clients during their massage. Although I had never used it for myself. However one night, I opted for Sunbreeze.  I applied it and honestly, within minutes I felt better and by morning I was good to go!  So thank you so much!  The very best to you and the others at BestHealthfoodStore!!!"
-Respectfully Yours,
Lynda Thomas-Benkel, Licensed Massage Therapist MA0020256 Boynton Beach, Florida

"Thanks for all your help on Sunbreeze Oil, it’s a great product.  When I go for a massage, lying face down on the table, my wonderful therapist uses just a very small amount of Sunbreeze oil placed under my nose & at my sinus pulse points, and within minutes, it works." 
- Candy Comer/Coeur d'Alene, ID

"My absolute favorite is ‘Sunbreeze Essential Oil’ – which I call, ‘An All-Mighty-Oil’.  We have it throughout the house so that it is always within our reach.  I wouldn’t go out without it.  My husband and I have 2 boys and we use it topically for all kinds of issues."  - Michi Tremonte/Westchester, NY

"My little containers of Sunbreeze Balm found their way around my office helping people with various issues this winter.  Since incorporating the use of Sunbreeze balm in my massages, my clients are all now requesting it". -Cathy Hannon/Franklin Park, IL 

"A friend told me about Sunbreeze Oil and how it helped her.  It helps me with staying alert at my job.  I ended up ordering a case and sharing it with my friends. " - L.James/Charlestown, RI

Sunrider began making Sunbreeze Essential Oil in 1982Dr. Chen, the creator of Sunbreeze Oil and Balm, has this to say about why his product is so unique:

Dr. Chen on Forbes Magazine “An all-natural oil, Sunbreeze Oil is triple distilled and extracted from herbs and flowers.  In the perfume industry, it takes 100,000 roses to make just one pound of natural essence rose oil.  Just a half-pound of real rose oil essence costs approximately $150.00.  This extraction process is so expensive that most perfumes and other balms are made with chemical synthetic scents, which may be harmful to your skin and to your health.  For example, some popular body rubs are made with chemical camphor and wintergreen.  Chemical camphor is very poisonous and is used to exterminate insects; ingesting just one teaspoon of wintergreen can kill you in 24 hours.  Compared to other brands, Sunbreeze Oil is very inexpensive.  We refuse to add harmful chemicals or synthetic aromas to our oil.  What you smell when you open a Sunrider bottle of Sunbreeze is 100% natural, just like Mother Nature intended.  Actually, we’re not making money selling it at our current price, but I make it because I personally need to use it every day.” 
- Dr. Tei-Fu Chen/Founder of Sunrider International

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