May 13, 2014 @ 7:59 PM

by Cliff Smith

Dr.Reuben K.Chen, MDDr. Reuben K. Chen, MD, is a board-certified medical doctor specializing in sports training & medicine and rehabilitation & physical therapy.  His father, Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, and his mother, Dr. Oi-Lin Chen, MD, are the founders of Sunrider International, our exclusive manufacturer in Los Angeles.

Reuben recently developed a 90 day fitness and nutrition program that builds muscle, burns fat, and transforms the entire body in a flash.  The Fitness Brigade program targets multiple muscle groups simultaneously at a quick pace with minimal breaks.  This is how you get fit, fast!  

Dr. Reuben K. Chen, MD, answers frequently asked questions about fitness and weight loss

I’m trying to lose the .........

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