March 19, 2013 @ 10:45 AM

by Cliff Smith

Sunrider 30th Anniversary LogoEveryone wants to buy the best products for their health, but nobody wants to take money out of their budget to buy things they’re not sure will deliver results.  That’s why our online health food store relies on very specific products MADE IN THE USA since 1982 by Sunrider in California

Sure, these unique products cost a little more, but the results are far greater than with typical health foods, vitamins, supplements, protein drinks or other wellness products that we've tried.  It's better to spend a little more on things that really work than to waste money on useless products that don't deliver results you can see or feel.

Sunrider Manufacturing Video ClipWe encourage you to look closely at the products you use each day for your health and fitness.  Which ones build your body up and which ones only tear it down.  Watch the Sunrider Manufacturing Video and you'll see a big difference in the care and diligence that goes into making our products better than organic.

Getting The Most From Your Health Food Budget

Calli TeaYou can buy coffee, which really does not help your health, or you can drink Calli TeaCalli is better for your body than coffee and way more effective than just green tea.  That’s because the leaves within the Calli tea bags are concentrated with 5 different alkaline based herbs for a healthy pH balance and natural antioxidants for anti-aging. Plus, each tea bag can brew 4 cups!

You could spend money on the usual breakfast items, yogurt, oatmeal, cereal, eggs, bagels, muffins, but none of those will enhance your health like VitashakeVitaShake is a delicious whole food meal replacement with fiber, protein,
VitaShakevitamins and minerals from natural sources that are good for the body.  Compare VitaShake with other fiber and protein drinks that contain sugars or artificial sweeteners, "isolated" protein, "isolated" vitamins and minerals, and numerous questionable ingredients. You'll quickly see there is no comparison. The body cannot easily digest most protein drinks because they are usually made from "isolated" protein, which clogs the lymphatic system. 

How about all those power bars, fiber bars, and candy bars that people Sunbarsspend money on?  None of those offer the same powerfully nutritious benefits as SunbarsSunbars provide more serious nutrition in fewer calories.  They're made with high fiber foods such as dried fruits, nuts, psyllium, asparagus root, and even bamboo fiber.  They give you heart-healthy protein and complex carbohydrates from whole food plant sources.

Then, there are people who try to save money by creating their own concoctions.  These people usually find out later that they have been combining certain ingredients that really should not go together.  We rely on Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, founder of Sunrider and creator of over 400 herbal products for health and beauty.  Dr. Chen knows precisely which herbs to combine for certain attributes, which parts of the plant to use, the best time to pick the plants, the right soil, the perfect growing conditions, and so much more.  See Quinary, with 50
Sunrider Productsperfectly combined herbs, or Nuplus with 12 different herbs for a healthy snack or meal replacement any time.

If you take a good honest look at the things you consume every day that are supposed to make you healthy and you're not getting the results you want, then try something better.  Get a Trial Pack of our most popular items for just a few dollars, or spend over $100 and get Free Shipping in the USA.  We always pay your state tax and we have a couple ways for you to save even more.