March 5, 2013 @ 12:35 PM

by Cliff Smith

Happy Yoga

Don't Worry, Be Happy

It may sound cliche, but worrying is bad for your health. Those who worry and constantly feel anxiety, waiting for the next shoe to drop, tend to die prematurely. Being harshly self-critical is another factor that brings on an earlier death, according to psychologists. If you are only a moderate worrier, you are 50% less likely to die earlier than those who constantly worry.

Worry is a Disease

Not only does worry lead to premature aging and chronic ailments, it impedes the ability to think clearly. Studies show that a positive attitude adds years to life. However, it's emotions that really make the difference. When you feel positive and upbeat about life, you experience less stress, which has an affect on hormones. A positive attitude can impact hormonal balance, such as cortisol levels, and lead to a longer, healthier life. In reality, most of the things that people worry about never happen, so it’s not usually worth the trouble.
One way to get this problem under control is to
directly nourish the brain and central nervous system with the highest concentration of nutrients specific for those particlular cells.  You can do this with TOP and ESE. These highly conentrated, totally safe and natural herbal supplements are made with "food grade" herbs to nourish the cells, not TOPmedicinal herbs that interfere with natural processes.

TOP nourishes the cells in the 'top' part of the brain to help you think more clearly and positively.  This feeds the brain and central nervous system where endorphins are produced.

ESEESE allows you to focus and feel at ease, especially under stress. The herbs in ESE are super-concentrated for maximum effectiveness and harvested when their active components are at their peak.  When you can directly nourish the brain and central nervous system with the highest concentration of quality nutrients for those particlular cells, you feel the results of a smoother, happier attitude.

Consume Super Fruits For Fitness and Longevity

Legend has it that Genghis Khan discovered “new fruits” when he was conquering Asia. When he was in Mongolia, he fed his soldiers these rare super fruits and noticed that his men had more energy. They were able to march longer and cope with the heat and humidity for longer periods. Why? Because of the antioxidant power of these super fruits to combat the soldier's own internal enemies, "free radicals".Super Fruits

Free radicals are chemical bombs that can cause your cells to change abnormally and become diseased. When the body has an abundant supply of antioxidants from super fruits, it can more easily fight off the negative effects of free radicals from the pollutants, chemicals and stressful situations we're bombarded with every day.  Antioxidants slow down the aging process by battling those free radicals. Unfortunately, antioxidants that are synthetically produced in most typical store-bought multi-vitamins, do not offer the same benefits as those from whole food sources, like super-fruits.

Sunrider VitaFruitSunrider has reintroduced these super-fruits to the world with VITAFRUIT. It’s better than a glass of juice because it has no processed sugars or artificial flavors and is not pasteurized. That means that all the active plant enzymes and whole food properties are still intact.  In VitaFruit, the Vitamin C remains stable for 72 hours after it is mixed, but a fresh-squeezed orange juice oxidizes within 20 minutes and the vitamin C becomes useless to the body.

VitaFruit is a unique drink because it contains "whole food" antioxidants. It is a valuable source of bioflavonoids, vitamins, minerals, and at least 2000 carotenoids, which are beneficial for tissue repair throughout the entire body. It is an excellent “food for the skin”. Some have even used VitaFruit topically to minimize scarring while speeding up the healing process. VITAFRUIT is also beneficial when it comes to feeling happy and living longer. We call it “Happy Juice” because it makes us smile and feel great when we drink it.

Manage a Healthy Weight to Be Happier and Live Longer

An Albert Einstein College of Medicine study indicated one major difference in those who lived to old age, they were much less likely to be over weight. This finding agrees with many other studies that show the greatest risks of death are for those who are obese at age 65 compared to those of normal weight.  Other studies have further revealed that lower calorie intake almost always increases longevity and fitness.

SunTrim PlusIf you want to extend your life, join half of the population that dies after age of 80 by addressing weight issues. To lose and maintain a healthy weight, SUNTRIM PLUS is the answer.  SunTrim+ is a fast-acting formula that works right away. This groundbreaking supplement helps you feel fuller so you don't overeat. Unlike other weight-loss pills, SunTrim+ does not starve your body or make you feel sluggish, moody, or jittery.  Instead, it 'pre-satisfies' your appetite with safe ingredients such as cocoa bean, green coffee bean, resveratrol, green tea, and mangosteen.
Do you have a healthy social life?

Numerous studies have found that being a loner is bad for health and having friends is good for it. The Longevity Project study of 1500 people during 8 years found that some people lived longer because of their social connectedness, which included volunteering and participation in community groups. The same results were found in those who were active with their families, friends, and coworkers. So, connecting with others really does help people live longer, happier lives.
Longevity and Resveratrol

Harvard researchers believe they've discovered a proverbial 'fountain of youth' in 'Resveratrol', calling it a miracle ingredient and the greatest discovery since antibiotics. Until now, scientists believed that drinking red wine had health benefits but couldn't put their finger on exactly why. Now, they believe the Resveratrol in wine activates cells into behaving more “youthful” in a number of ways.

MetaShaperThe biggest hurdle with Resveratrol is finding a way to consume the large concentrations required to gain the benefits. You'd need several bottles of wine per day to get the benefits from Resveratrol. Unfortunately, large amounts of wine or other alcoholic beverages increase insulin levels, which eventually has a negative impact on health in a number of ways.

METASHAPER is the answer. Three caps a day delivers the equivalent of 100 bottles of wine, without alcohol, of course! You need that much to gain any benefits from Resveratrol since the research was done with the equivalent of  about1000 bottles of wine.

More Mood-Boosting Energy SupplementsSunrise

To wake up and get moving, SUNRISE is better than a cup of coffee for starting the day with something healthy and positive. Forget the jitters and crashes from coffee, drink Sunrise.

SportCapsSPORTCAPS help you build muscle, which allows you to burn more fat. The more muscle you have, the more fat you can burn. Not only that, those muscles will help you look fit and gain confidence.

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