November 19, 2015 @ 2:01 PM

By Cliff Smith

CBS News Dietary Supplement CrackdownThis week, CBS This Morning featured two separate reports about crackdowns on dangerous products that people have been buying in typical health and beauty stores.  One story focused on two very popular dietary supplements sold at GNC.  The makers of these dangerous products have been caught in a lie, fabricating the ingredients to appear that a plant extract was used when really it was a synthetic concoction including harmful chemicals.


Federal officials on Tuesday announced fraud charges against dietary supplement companies, saying products billed as natural were oftentimes synthetic and toxic.  Dallas-based USPlabs and several executives were charged with conspiracy to import ingredients from China and making false statements as to their source. The company sold widely popular workout and weight-loss supplements under names including Jack3d and OxyElite Pro.OxyElite Pro

SK Laboratories, which produces supplements for USPlabs, was also charged.  Shares of dietary supplement retailers GNC and Vitamin Shoppe (VSI) dropped significantly ahead of the afternoon news conference at the Department of Justice. Neither company was charged in the case, but both sell USPlabs supplements on their websites.


The other story on CBS this week focused on dangerous chemicals in beauty products, such as hair care and cosmetics.


Cosmetics and skin care products are largely unregulated. Many of them are made with chemicals like formaldehyde -- used in products from nail polish to some chemical hair straighteners - which is known to cause cancer. Other commonly used cosmetic preservatives include propylparaben and lead acetate.

"Things that I've been washing my babies in, things that I had been putting on my body while I was pregnant, things that I had been putting on my body for decades, to find out that those ingredients were not safe for my health was incredibly disappointing and scary, quite frankly," one proponent of the new legislation said.


Sunrider Product SafetyIt’s stories like these that make us at enormously grateful for our one outstanding manufacturer, Sunrider.

Since 1982, millions of healthy consumers have put their trust in the same family-owned company.  We know the attention to detail they put into all of their formulas.   All the products that Sunrider creates at their headquarters in Los Angeles are effective, and extremely safe!

Sunrider Manufacturing Vdieo Clip

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If you have supplements or beauty products that come from unknown manufacturers, how can you be certain they’re safe?  This is why we only sell Sunrider products.  We know who makes them.  We know that the owners of Sunrider, along with their children and grandchildren, use their products themselves before they ever sell to the public.  We are proud to be part of their family.

It’s better to be certain you are buying safe and effective products from the best company, rather than cutting corners with questionable health and beauty products made by unidentifiable manufacturers who are solely focused on their own profit over the health of their consumers.