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Sunbreeze Oil and Sunbreeze Balm

At our online health food store, Sunbreeze Oil and Sunbreeze Balm offer relief for sore muscles, and great to have in stuffy sinus seasons. Made in the USA since 1982, but not sold in typical health food stores.  

Free Shipping in the USA for all orders of $100 or more.  Plus, we always pay your state tax!  For results you can feel, shop here.

Calli Tea by Sunrider        Fortune Delight

Cleanse and Hydrate with
Calli Tea and Fortune Delight

Sunfit Pack

-Satisfy hunger with fewer calories.
-Enhance fat burning metabolism.
-Gain energy for greater fitness.

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-Simplify breakfast, snacks, drinks.

VitaShake is a full meal!

NuPlus by Sunrider

NourishStrengthen and Regenerate with our concentrated whole foods, NuPlus, Quinary and Sunbars. Not sold in stores.

VitaShake         Sunbars

Quinary Is Made with Alkaline Foods

Quinary from our online health food store nourishes and balances the 5 main systems of the body with 50 perfectly combined herbs.

Alpha 20C for the Immune System

Alpha 20C is the ultimate nourishment for the immune system. A best health food store online favorite for travelers.

Tei-Fu MetaShaper by Dr. Tei-Fu Chen of SunriderTei-Fu MetaShaper   Dr. Tei-Fu Chen is the founder of Sunrider, our exclusive online health food store manufacturer.  MetaShaper melts fat in hard to reach areas.  

Suntrim Plus

SunTrim Plus from our online health food store has Resveratrol, green tea and green coffee bean to help you eat less without harmful side effects. This is one of our advanced weight loss formulas not sold in stores.

Vitalite Slim Caps work Vitalite Slim Caps by Sunridersynergystically with the body's own natural elimination systems, providing a jump start to natural weight loss.  Unlike other weight loss products, Vitalite Slim Caps are all natural. FibertoneFibertone addresses the digestive system with high fiber foods that work to tone the muscles of the colon.  The power of Fibertone is in the high concentration levels of the herbal ingredients.

Powerful Nutrition for Athletes

MetaBooster Speeds Up Metabolism

Dr. Chen MetaBooster speeds up metabolism with essential amino acids.  Advanced nutrition for athletes from our online health food store and great for any body under stress.

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Electrosport Electrolyte Replacement FluidElectrosport takes nutrition for athletes and electrolyte replacement to a whole new level.  This is a super-concentrated electrolyte formula without sweeteners or artificial ingredients.
VitaSpray Liquid Vitamin B12VitaSpray Liquid Vitamin B Sublingual Spray is a specially formulated herbal complex at our online health food store that provides 200% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin B12. SportCapsSportCaps enhance athletic performance with food grade herbs. This herbal supplement helps to increase stamina, strengthen resistance and reduce stress on the body, naturally.

Whole Food Vitamins and Minerals

Citric-C Chewable Vitamin C

Citric-C Chewable Vitamin C is made with natural whole food sources of Vitamin C. A health food store online top pick for our members and customers.

Herb-Cal Chewable Calcium Supplements

Herb-Cal Chewable Calcium Supplements support a healthy pH balance with all natural whole food ingredients. Our online health food store focuses on foods, not chemicals.

Metabalance 44 whole food vitaminsMetaBalance 44 is much more than a typical multi-vitamin. In this advanced formula, the vitamins are attached to whole foods such as beet roots, alfalfa, parsley, and bee pollen. This is excellent pregnancy nutrition and not sold in typical health food stores. Energy Plus Whole Food VitaminsEnergy Plus provides the antioxidant protection of Vitamin E with pure, natural ingredients.  This whole food vitamin may help reduce the problems of memory loss and learning associated with normal aging.

Natural Herbal Supplements for Women

Bella For Menopause Relief

Bella - Safe, natural herbal supplements to help ease women through menopauseAvoid artificial hormones or other potentially harmful products for menopause symptoms with Bella from our online health food store.

Beauty Pearl

Beauty Pearl is a one-of-a-kind formula at our online health food store. It nourishes the skin from the inside-out. Healthy skin goes through a natural cycle of renewal, and Beauty Pearl helps maintain your skin's beauty.  ►See our outstanding natural skin care products

Dong Quai

Don Quai herbal supplements are for women who want to decrease the symptoms of menopause, such as "hot flashes", as well as cramping and bloating from PMS.  Dong Quai is an herb that has been used for thousands of years because of its beneficial effects on the blood.

Natural Herbal Supplements for Men
Dr. Chen Men's Formula for Prostate HealthDr. Chen Men's Formula for Prostate Health helps middle aged men maintain a healthy prostate.  It contains a unique proprietary blend of Saw Palmetto fatty acids as well as antioxidants, such as lutein and lycopene, specially combined for maximum effectiveness. VerosVeros is a completely natural herbal supplement from our exclusive online health food store to help increase sexual desire and improve performance. This formula builds energy, confidence and stamina for men and offers superb nutrition for athletes as it helps to generate strong bones.
Natural Oral Care

Sunsmile Natural Toothpaste

When you care about what goes in your mouth,  Sunrider SunSmile Herbal Toothpaste is totally natural, tastes great, and offers results you can really see.

SunSmile herbal Whitening GelSunSmile Herbal Whitening Gel is formulated to whiten teeth effectively and safely without the harsh chemicals found in most teeth whitening products. This is a health food store online exclusive that you cannot find in typical retail stores!
Sunny DaysDon’t put a sugary breath mint in your mouth! Sunny Days Herbal Mouth Drops freshen breath naturally, without cavity-causing sugars, chemicals, artificial additives, or animal by-products. Sunrider SunSmile TabsYou will have a hard time finding a healthier breath freshener than Sunrider SunSmile Tabs.  Made with the finest herbal ingredients, these little breath mints clean your mouth naturally.
Sunrider SunpackThe Sunrider Sunpack includes the best health drinks and whole foods to nourish, cleanse and balance the body. This Sunrider Gift Set features the most popular products for your health and home from Sunrider Gift Setour online health food store, plus free shipping in the USA!

Sunsmile Fruit and Vegetable Rinse

Sunrider SunSmile Fruit and Vegetable Rinse Without a doubt, this is the best product for cleaning produce. There is nothing comparable at any health food store online or retail.  It's so concentrated that one small capful cleans an entire sink full of fresh fruits and veggies, turns brownish produce green, and even gets rid of wax.

Concentrated System Specific Herbal Supplements

Assimilaid herbal supplements for the digestive system

Assimilaid herbal supplements are part of Quinary. This formula addresses the digestive system with herbs that help the body process food most efficiently. It tastes like cinnamon and works quickly to ease digestion.

Conco Herbal Supplements for the Respiratory System

Conco herbal supplements are sold separately and included in Quinary. Conco balances the respiratory system with cooling and warming herbs that properly nourish the cells of the lungs and respiratory tract.

Lifestream Herbal Supplements

Lifestream from our online health food store enhances the flow of blood through the body, which is crucial to the circulatory system. A healthy circulatory system is vital to health and wellness.

Prime Again Herbal Supplements

Prime Again is a unique herbal supplement from our online health food store to address the endocrine system with herbs that work in harmony with the body's hormone-producing glands.

Here are 3 herbal supplements at our online health food store to benefit the central nervous system:

TOP is an herbal concentrate designed to help you think, concentrate and focus more clearly. It nourishes the central nervous system with food grade herbs, not medicinal.  Some of our health food store online customers call these the JET set (JOI, ESE, and TOP).

JOI for jointsJOI is a seriously concentrated herbal supplement that is designed to nourish the musculoskeletal system, which benefits joints and muscles. ESEESE is an herbal concentrate to support the body's natural ability to maintain focus and clarity by providing a feeling of ease to your day.
Alkaline Foods and Drinks for a Healthy pH Balance

Evergreen Alkaline Foods and Drinks

Evergreen alkaline drinks deliver concentrated chlorophyll.  You would need to eat a tremendous amount of leafy green vegetables (alkaline foods) to equal 1 Evergreen from our health food store online.
Liqui-Five Alkaline DrinksLiqui-Five is the liquid version of our most powerful herbal supplement, Quinary.  Balance the 5 main systems of your body with 50 perfectly combined all natural herbal ingredients in one online health food store formula.
VitaFruit Health DrinkYou would need to eat piles of fruit to equal the power of this beverage. All-natural Sunrider VitaFruit conveniently provides vitamins derived from concentrated fruits. Spirulina for IronSpirulina is composed largely of protein and is noted for its essential and non-essential amino acids. It also contains Pro-vitamin A, which is converted to Vitamin A by the body.

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Sunbreeze Oil and Sunbreeze Balm


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