Whole Food Snack Choices for Kids, Adults, Athletes and Vegetarians

Naturally low in sodium, fat, calories and cholesterol, these nutritious snacks are free of preservatives, artificial flavors or unwanted ingredients.

NuPuffs NuPuffs

  • Cheese
  • Cocoa
  • Apple-Cinnamon
Most other store-bought snack foods are filled with excess sodium and empty calories. NuPuffs, Sunbars, Nuplus and VitaShake are filled with high quality nutrition you can't get from typical snack foods.

As part of a natural weight loss plan, these nutritious snack choices help curb cravings and satisfy hunger. They're good to reach for when you want something you can enjoy eating with nutritious benefits. VitaShake

VitaShake is a deliciously satisfying protein drink mix. 

VitaShake provides high quality protein, complex carbohydrates, natural antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, soluble fiber and probiotics. In tasty Cocoa and Strawberry flavors, try VitaShake as a snack or a full meal replacement.

SunbarsSunbars are good anytime you're hungry for a nutritious snack but don't know what you're hungry for.

Sunbars are outstanding for athletes to sink their teeth into before, during, or after a workout. 

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NuPlus comes in real fruit flavors of:

  • Naturally Plain
  • Mixed Berry
  • Apple- Cinnamon
  • Pineapple-Banana

NuPlus satisfies junk food cravings without added sugar, artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

Try some of our NuPlus Smoothie Recipes for kids, adults, athletes, and vegetarians to enjoy any time of day or night. 

NuPlus, Sunbars, VitaShake and NuPuffs deliver whole food nutrients quickly and conveniently. You will not find the same beneficial ingredients in any other snack foods available today. 

Devising a natural weight loss program that actually works is a challenge. Choosing healthy snacks can be an important element.  First of all, we are creatures of habit, and changing those routines is incredibly hard.  Secondly, most people dread the exercise needed in order to burn calories and speed up metabolism.  Of course, there’s also the reluctance to eat a healthier diet.  One of the big roadblocks to natural weight loss is the fact that people forget they can replace their junky treats with healthy snacks. Read more...

Sunbars/10 Pack/Select Your Flavor
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NuPuffs/6/2oz bags
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Sale: From $28.88
Sunbars/10 Pack/Pick Your Flavor
Orig.: From $25.00
Sale: From $24.64

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