September 11, 2014 @ 6:31 PM

By Cliff Smith

Backwards Birthday Countdown imageHow would you like to start counting your birthdays down instead of up?  Let’s say, at age 50, you start subtracting years instead of adding them on.  So, after your 50th birthday, you turn 49, 48, 47, and so on, until you reach zero and  you’re 100 years young.  Of course, if you make it to zero, then you win cash and prizes!

Do you think this would encourage people to take better care of themselves as they reach 40, 30, or 20 years left on the countdown calendar?  At some point, you would start to see that zero is not that far off.  Would this motivate you to make any changes?

Cliff Smith on Kokopelli Trails in Fruita, CO September 1, 2014The reason this idea occurred to me is that I turned 52 last year, but still feel 25!  Every year, I seem to get stronger and healthier.  My body is definitely re-generating, instead of degenerating.  Part of this is because I exercise vigorously on a pretty regular basis and do my best to avoid injuries on the mountain bike.  But, there’s no question that the other component in the backwards birthday mindset for me is the healthy nutrition plan I use as my blue print. 

One thing I do differently from most people is that I consume herbal Chinese concentrates every day.  All of these formulas are based on the idea that the body can REGENERATE.  In fact, they come from a family owned American company that has trademarked The Philosophy of Regeneration.  That philosophy is a reality as it has been the blue print for everything they've been making in the USA since 1982.
Yin Yang Symbol
So, I invite you to join the Backwards Birthday Countdown movement with me.  Change your mind about getting older and start feeling younger.  You’ve heard the expression, “You’re only as old as you feel”, right?  Well, when you start subtracting years, you’ll feel even more convinced that taking care of your body is a very high priority.

Now, at age 52, assuming I started the Backwards Birthday Countdown from age 50, I’ll be 47 next year, and really looking forward to being 37, 27, 17, and 7 again!!!  Think of how exciting it will be to reach 5, 4, 3, 2, 1  ZERO!!!

How young will you be on your next birthday?

What should the prizes be for making it to zero?

Share this with your friends and family, and let’s get the Backwards Birthday Movement going!!!