August 5, 2013 @ 8:52 PM

by Cliff Smith

Glenda FelienHere are answers to a few common questions at our health food store online.

  • How are whole food concentrates different from isolated vitamin and mineral supplements?

  • Why is there no whey in our nutritional drinks?

  • There’s so much confusion about Soy. Is it really safe?

These answers were provided to us by Glenda Feilen, a Naturopathic Doctor from San Diego with a 6 month waiting list of patients.  As she saw tremendous results with the use of Sunrider whole food and healthy drink concentrates, Glenda left her practice to focus exclusively on helping people with Sunrider. 

QuinaryGlenda says, “Nature (God) made your body and Nature (God) made foods that grow in the garden to nourish your body. The wonderful thing about food is that nature’s miracle is at work. Natures’ little seed goes in the ground where we have rock and dirt filled with minerals, etc. Your body REALLY is made of the ‘dust of the earth’.  In nature’s incredible growing process, the little seed gathers minerals and nutrients from the rock and dirt and changes them from inorganic, indigestible form, to a magic package with everything in the right amount to work together so that the body can assimilate and use the nutrients. If we were to eat the rock or dirt from the ground in dirt form, even though it has iron (your body has the same amount as it would take to make a 3 inch nail for example), lead, copper, etc., your body would not be able to utilize them.  However, in FOOD form, nature has changed the dirt into perfect combinations made by a miraculous process.

NuPlus, Quinary, VitaShake, Sunbars and Nupuffs are WHOLE foods.

NuplusHow confusing it must be to people today when companies make isolated vitamins and minerals and sell them to the public as the best nutrition for them. Even though most companies don’t make their supplements from food, when they do they isolate individual vitamins and minerals and rearrange them into whatever combination their scientist has decided is best for the body, completely disregarding nature. No wonder research has found that when isolated vitamins and minerals are taken internally, because the body knows the difference between those and the perfect combinations of nutrients in food, the body actually has to pull from its own nutritional resources to compensate and the isolated supplements actually imbalance the body.

VitaShakeDo we have to worry about how much of any particular vitamin, mineral, or nutrient nature puts in our FOOD. No. As a matter of fact, if a new nutrient, antioxidant, or mineral were to be discovered today, would we need to run to the health food store and purchase this in ISOLATED form? NO! Why–because it is already in our food…and it is in the right amount with everything we need for it to be digested and utilized in the body.

Why don’t we have the common ingredient, whey, in our nutritional drinks, NuPlus and VitaShake?  

WheyMost proteins are processed from ultra-pasteurized milk and many are exposed to unhealthy acid processing. Heat and acid damages the protein and makes it insoluble in water. Because the whey manufacturers know this they have to add chemical flavors and detergents to make them palatable and to increase their solubility. They also add genetically modified lecithin and chemical surfactants (soap) like polysorbate 80, propylene glycol, and ethoxylated mono-diglycerides along with caseinates, and hydrolyzed proteins, which are disguised MSG. They also use artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and sucralose.

Body BuilderOverheated whey protein contains putrid proteins which are more damaging to your body than rancid fats. These types of molecules clog your lymph system and accelerate aging, as well as being associated with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Another harmful effect of whey protein powder is that it causes over acidity in the body. This is a pity,  because so many body builders and athletes drink this type of protein drink. When consumed in large amounts without alkalizing food (which many do not eat because they maintain a high protein diet), it can acidify your body and lead to metabolic acidosis resulting in the wasting of muscle and bone tissue, total metabolic shut down and increased degeneration. In short, whey powder protein is isolated, chemicalized, and dangerous, not to mention it is a by-product of dairy.
Think about this when someone says, NuPlus and VitaShake aren’t HIGH in protein.  A baby grows faster than any other time in its life when on mother's milk which has only 4-5% protein. When it comes to body building, it is NOT THE AMOUNT of protein as much as it is the QUALITY of the protein and the balance of nutrients accompanying it. Unlike commercial isolates, the body knows best how to work with the live whole food carefully kept nutritionally intact in NuPlus and Vitashake!
There’s so much confusion about Soy. Is it really safe?

Whole SoyMany people today are totally confused when they look at Soy. Some reports have told people that soy is a bad food because it imbalances women’s estrogen. Really? What about the decades of whole nations eating Soy 3 times a day for their basic food who have no osteoporosis nor any problems going through the change, until food from the West was introduced into their country?

I understand where the misunderstanding stems from when you realize that the scientists who support this do not give relevance to the difference between isolates and nature’s whole food packages. Once again, NATURE’S WHOLE FOOD is the answer. Whole soy seems to block the effects of excess estrogen when a woman's estrogen level is high, and paradoxically, when her level is low, it acts as estrogen. In soybeans there is another kind of phyto (plant) estrogen called isoflavones which seems to replace the body's declining estrogen. Their chemical structure is so close to our own natural estrogen that they actually bind the estrogen receptor sites in the body, mimicking the same hormonal function.

Healthy womanDuring menopause when the ovaries produce less estrogen, resulting in hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, etc., the estrogen receptor sites are filled by these plant estrogens and dramatically diminish menopausal symptoms. Isolated soy is different. It is isolated, not in synergy the way nature grew it. It is out of nature's balance and does not provide this benefit, and can create an estrogen imbalance. So, does soy contain phyto (plant) estrogens and can they imbalance the body and create hormonal problems? ONLY when the soy is taken out of nature’s perfect package by being isolated and rearranged by man.

NUPLUS and VITASHAKE are both made with whole soy beans, not isolated soy. Other soy drinks utilize soy which is a waste product of the soy industry. The digestible part of the soy is given to the animals and the non-digestible by-product is sold to the healthy food industry for protein drinks. The nutrients in isolated soy are not in synergy as nature made them, thus they do not work the same in the body. In addition, Sunrider does not use 'genetically altered' soy. Eighty percent of the soy on the market today is genetically altered.

Sunrider is Food – nature’s whole food, concentrated, pre-digested, without chemicals, additives, preservatives!" Thanks Glenda!