August 14, 2013 @ 3:31 AM

by Cliff Smith

Nutrition Fact LabelsMany people eat nutrition-less food every day and are never really satisfied. This explains how you can eat a big meal and still feel hungry.

Poor nutrition = Malnutrition

Many of today's processed foods are made of sugars, corn, and isolated chemicals including synthetic vitamins, preservatives and excito-toxins that tear the body down, leaving no real energy for exercise or mental stimulation.
What about fruits and veggies? They beat anything in boxes, cans or crinkly bags or wrappers, right?  Not if they're the conventional fruits and veggies that have little nutrition because of how they're grown, shipped and stored.  Instead, you get a dose of pesticides and more nutrition-less food.

Organic produce is somewhat better, but you have to eat tremendous amounts to make a real difference in how you look and feel.

So, then a mom buys juice.  That should be good, right?  NOT.  Unfortunately, most of the vitamins, minerals, and plant enzymes have been pasteurized out of conventional juices in bottles, cartons or cans.  Those plant enzymes are needed so that the cells of the body can actually absorb the nutrients.

ChickensHow about some fast, cheap protein? Most people don't realize that chicken nuggets are not protein, but 56% corn (a carb) - and low grade industrial corn at that, with almost no nutritive value. Plus, the hormones and antibiotics in today's livestock are enough to deter anyone from eating cheap meat. Protein drinks are also full of undesirable chemicals, sweeteners, indigestible dairy, fiber and excess proteins that contribute to clogged lymphatic systems or overworked kidneys.

We encourage people to change their minds about nutrition and change their lives!  Our CONCENTRATED WHOLE FOODS AND HEALTH DRINKS contain the highest quality nutrients for which the body is crying out.  Listen to your body and not the hype from large food corporations or slick advertisers.

Our formulas provide more nutrition in fewer calories because they are CONCENTRATED with the highest quality nutrients from Mother Nature.  

NuPlus    Quinary    Calli Tea

Nuplus, Quinary and Calli Tea are made with extremely effective natural ingredients that are carefully Fortune Delightprocessed to retain live plant enzymes and other valuable nutrients from whole foods and food grade herbs.

Fortune Delight powder drink mix is a tasty, healthy alternative to nutrition-less juices, sodas, vitamin waters and energy drinks.

Grocery Store ShopperNutrition-less food and cheap juices are easy to make, have long shelf life and are convenient. The problem is that people buy more and more of these cheap products because they're hungry and malnourished all the time.  So, the savings are non existent.  Essentially, many consumers are malnourished, even in a prosperous nation like the U.S.A.  This is a crisis of choice.

Bottom line, it's not the lack of food that's causing hunger and obesity in America, it's the lack of nutrition in the choices people make.
When you explore different choices and new ways of obtaining nutrition, then you change your life for the better.  If enough of us stop buying junk, maybe the food manufacturers will quit making so much of it.