July 17, 2018 @ 2:02 PM

By Dr. Glenda Feilen
Oh, so many reasons! 
Sunrider manufacturing plantFOOD GRADE HERBS: Our formulas are made from ‘food grade’ herbs rather than medicinal herbs. We DON’T have medicine; we have whole foods like carrots, potatoes, and apples. They do not ‘do’ something to the body. They nourish the body and allow the body to ‘do it’s own work’ to balance and create harmony within itself. 
's Top for mental clarityIf herb companies don’t know to prepare individual herbs and put them together they can do harm. For example, many companies sell Gingko Biloba to improve memory. This herb is a blood vessel dilator. It is not good to use long-term. It can actually cause kids to bleed too much. With many herbs it is the root that is beneficial, however many companies grind up the whole plant making it ineffective and not cost effective. TOP and ESE are completely safe and nourish the brain. I take them twice a day and they help me think faster and quicker and remember more. 
Oi-Lin Chen and Tei Fu ChenOWNER EXPERTISE: Dr. Tei Fu Chen is a world-renowned herbalist and a Pharmacologist and many of our formulas are based on thousands of years of research. Dr. Oi-Lin Chen is a licensed medical doctor in the United States. They lead a team of scientists to research, formulate, and manufacture all of Sunrider's products. You will never find questionable or unsafe ingredients in our products. 
Owner expertise is so important. Many owners of herb companies know absolutely nothing about herbs so they hire someone who ‘says’ they do – but if the owner doesn’t anything, how does he know the person he hires does? 
Sunrider Manufacturing plantELABORATE MANUFACTURING PROCESSES: We manufacture our own products! If you don’t, you don’t have control over the quality! Very few herb companies have their own manufacturing plants. We have a millions of square feet of plants where our products are produced. We are the largest privately owned manufacturing company in world. We take the foods and remove the water and fiber to produce concentrated, easy to digest, nutritious whole foods. 
Sunrider manufacturing plantSTRICT REQUIREMENTS: Most companies do not even rinse their herbs. Sunrider actually washes the herbs three different times with water that has been filtered three different ways. Before washing, the herbs are tested for heavy metals, which is almost unheard of by other companies. 
Every herb has a different oil or water breakdown and chemical breakdown and has to be done just a certain way. It is a COMPLICATED process to do it properly for maximum nutrition. 
Sunrider SunnyDew liquid steviaRecently SunnyDew and SunNectar were out of stock for a while. The United States country manager informed us that it was due to a sourcing issue. They received different batches of certain raw materials but the LA plant had to reject them because they didn’t meet our stringent quality standards. In turn the raw materials were delayed and we were out of the product for a short while. 
Quality of the herbs starts from choosing right ingredient, choosing the way to process and extract it and concentrate it – some herbs have to heated up and some only warmed. 
Usually in cold processing, other companies show they don’t know what to do. For example, if you don't heat it up cascara sagrada – it becomes a poison. 
Many things go into the process that affects the final product we manufacture. Some of the rooms in the LA manufacturing plant change air every three minutes. It is a pristine and an amazing plant! Our rating is higher than necessary to prepare herbal products; it is a Pharmaceutical rating. The products coming out of California have stricter requirements than the regular FDA requirements. 
Sunrider headquarters torrance caOur philosophy is so much different from other herbal companies who don’t have our knowledge about chemistry and herbs. Our products are GMO free, HALAL certified, and KOSHER certified. Trade-Secret Manufacturing Process Sunrider uses a trade-secret manufacturing process to concentrate and extract the beneficial nutrients from the herbs. Without concentration, you would have to consume huge quantities of certain foods to obtain their benefits. 
We take many pounds of herbs and then cleanse, enhance, grind, formulate, extract, spray dry, concentrate, and flo-coat the herbs to create a small amount of finished, concentrated product. It is common practice in the herbal industry to simply grind and encapsulate the herbs. However, Sunrider's elaborate manufacturing process sets our products apart from the competition. 
Sunrider has products, which are simply best from modern technology and knowledge from the last 5000 years. The value is much higher than just eating raw herbs or raw vegetables. 
When you drink a cup of Sunrider tea, you are drinking a whole cup of antioxidants – not just a diluted solution from ground up herbs in a bag. 
No wonder we love Sunrider whole foods and see such amazing results when we eat them and trust them to feed our families. 
Thank you, Drs. Chens!