April 23, 2018 @ 1:42 PM

By Glenda Feilen
5 Systems
5 Different Foods
Different rooms in a house need different furniture for different functions.
Different systems in the body need different foods to accomplish different functions.
The human body is the greatest wonder! We can divide it into systems, each of which is highly complex. The dividing line between the systems may not be distinct because they must all work together as a team for the body to be in balance. When any system is out of balance, it affects all of the other systems. Five thousands years of research has found that nature grows five major groups of food and that certain foods nourish each of the five major systems in the body.
assimilade digestive formula
Your body – has a system which:
Handles food – the DIGESTIVE/ELIMINATIVE SYSTEM – nourished by food in Assimilaid
Lifestream formula for circulation
Handles liquids – the CIRCULATORY SYSTEM – nourished by food in Lifestream
Conco formula for respiratory system
Handles air – the RESPIRATORY SYSTEM – nourished by food in Conco
alpha 20 c formula for the immune system
Protects the body – the IMMUNE - system by the food in Alpha 20C  
Co-ordinate all systems to work together
Prime Again formula for the endocrine system
the ENDOCRINE/HORMONE SYSTEM– nourished by food in Prime Again
Assimilaid, Lifestream, Conco, Alpha 20 C, Lifestream & Prime Again are all in QUINARY and LIQUID FIVE
Quinary formula for 5 systems of the body
50 foods! When did you ever make a salad with 50 foods? Never!! QUINARY is the most powerful foods Sunrider offers. It comes in capsules, packets, or in a liquid vial.
I add my QUINARY PACKET to my NuPlus and VitaShake and what a tasty treat! My daughter loves to put it in her Calli.
My friend loves to down a vial of LIQUI 5 because it goes so quickly into the blood stream.
You can always take 10 capsules of Quinary OR two of each of the five system formulas.
REMEMBER THIS: If one system is out of balance it affects all the other systems! If you have a system that is out of balance or genetically weak, eat EXTRA of that system’s formula. So, take Quinary caps, powder, or liquid AND also take extra capsules of the specific formula for that particular system.