March 5, 2018 @ 12:26 PM

By Glenda Feilen
Let's all Regenerate!
What's a symptom?
woman drinking calli teaWhen the body has a problem, it eventually speaks to us and we have a symptom. An example would be a headache. That is an indication that the body is out of balance. There are many reasons for headaches such as a blood sugar imbalance, a digestive/eliminative problem or a hormone imbalance to name a few. To get rid of the symptom you can take a painkiller or some medicine and get rid of the headache (the symptom).
But what about the cause? It is still there and we can only home the person will eat the foods that allow the body to balance and correct the cause behind the symptom. Food and food grade herbs allow the body to balance get to the cause behind the symptom. Oh – the painkiller works! A lot of things work. Laxatives work! But long term you end up with a bowel that is weaker than you started with as your body depends on them and you have to keep increasing them to keep them working….but they work. 
family in the kitchen having nuplusBasically, medicines do the work for the body, correcting symptoms, and weakening the body long term. Foods nourish the body, allowing it balance, and correct the cause be the symptom, and once again allow it to do its own work. (This is not medical advice and nothing in this article is meant to prescribe or diagnose. If you have medical problem, please contact your doctor for his advice.) Sunrider nutritionals are made of food grade herbs, beans and other whole foods. These foods are powerful; yet gentle enough for infants, children, expectant mother, and older people. They are concentrated, easy to digest and convenient!
We believe the body has the innate ability to create balance and harmony when properly nourished.
We believe this nourishment must come from whole foods. The body was meant to digest and get nourishment from foods. 
N. B. C.
vitashake nutritional drink mix
(Sunrider’s Basic Health Program) 
To NourishNuPlus, VitaShake, New Sunfit protein
NuPlus is a nutritional powder blended from several different fruits and vegetables. It provides the body with a variety of nutritional needs and fills in nutritional gaps.
To Balance - Quinary
balance with Quinary‘Quin’ means five, and the Quinary nourishes the five main systems in the body. It was originally five separate formulas, but is now also available in a blended power. (Each packet is equal to 10 capsules of each formula). The five Quinary formulas address these systems:                              
Immune                               Alpha 20 C
Circulatory                           Lifestream
Endocrine                            Prime Again
Digestion                             Assimilaid
Respiratory                          Conco 
To Cleanse Calli and/or Fortune Delight
It is important to keep the inside of the body as clean as the outside of the body in order to be healthy. More than a tea, Fortune Delight is a great-tasting, zero calorie herbal beverage that assists the body’s natural cleansing process. Calli is a delicious tea beverage that also aids in the cleansing process of the body. Drink either one hot or cold. Many people mix them together.