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Sunrider Fitness Brigade Training Program Complete Kit/Free Shipping in the USA

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► Read My Sunrider Ftiness Brigade Experience Update 10/24/2014 

Sunrider Fitness Brigade Training Program Kit

Reuben K. Chen, MD, is a board-certified medical doctor specializing in sports training & medicine and rehabilitation & physical therapy.  The 12 videos are hosted by Alec Musser. Watch a preview:

Sunrider Fitness Brigade Training Program List

Now you can lose weight, burn fat, build muscle and get in the best shape of your life with our new, high intensity training program, Fitness Brigade from Sunrider!

The program uses exercises that target multiple muscle groups at the same time in a quick pace for longer periods with minimal breaks.  This is how you get fit, fast!  With Fitness Brigade, you’ll feel better, run faster, jump higher, and have the confidence to reach the next level in all that you do.

Sunrider Sunfit PackAfter completing the 90-day program, you can “cycle” the workouts, transitioning from modified exercises to more challenging variations and intensity levels to continue your fitness progression and get into the best shape of your life.

To achieve the best results and reach your goals faster, use in conjunction with the SunFit® Pack, and the Five Elements of Fitness guide included.

Cliff Smith and Jane WakefieldMay 8, 2014 - "Cliff and I started the program a few days ago, today is our day 6. It is a butt kicker! I noticed a difference already. The first day I couldn't even do one good push up, now it's a little easier. I played tennis last night and really noticed a difference. I was shocked to see how just a few days of exercising made a difference in my game. I was the only woman there last night and was able to not only keep up with the guys but in a few cases, outplayed them. My muscles felt stronger to hold the racquet better (something I really needed.)"
-Jane Wakefield/Nutrition Coach and Co-Owner of BestHealthFoodStore.netCliff Smith

"I thought I was in pretty good shape.  At age 52, I can swim a mile without stopping, hike 15 miles in the Grand Canyon, or mountain bike on some pretty tough terrain for 2-3 hours at a time.  Well, as soon as we started the Fitness Brigade Training Program from Sunrider I realized that higher intensity workouts were necessary if I wanted to ‘wake my body up’ and reach full fitness potential.  Each 45 minute workout pushes us through such intensity in a short amount of time that the results are noticeable right away.  My biking is stronger, my body is getting more tone and I’m feeling abdominal muscles that haven’t been worked in a while.  Plus, when we work out in the morning, it seems to make me more productive during the rest of the day.  I feel great after 13 days, and look forward to the results at the end of the 90 day program."
-Cliff Smith/Co-Owner of BestHealthFoodStore.net

NOW, Read My Sunrider Ftiness Brigade Experience Update posted on 10/24/2014

Weightlifting"Oh how I enjoyed reading of your experience with Fitness Brigade.    I am having a love/dislike relationship with it.  I love how my body is burning fat, losing weight, and getting so much stronger, but when I am on the 50th pushup, my body is in protest.  I started with a small group of just three of us.  One is 74 and does every exercise very modified.  I am 64 and can do most of them but at a slower pace.  The 40 year old is doing 10 pound weights.  I am delighted with 3 pound weights!  In 6 weeks I am down 9 pounds of fat!  Pretty exciting!  I love the new slimmer, stronger me!  Best of all you sound like you are having fun, and we are too.  What a wonderful program Sunrider has put out for us.  Thanks for sharing your story." -Trudy/Canada

If you think you’re in great shape, give this a try and reach peak performance.  If you’re in ok condition, but want to reach a higher level, then this is definitely for you.  If you never exercise, but want to get started on a program that is simple to follow, then this is great, too.  It’s definitely high intensity, but all of the videos show modified versions of the exercises that can be done by just about anyone while building strength at your own pace.  Plus, the program is created by a Medical Doctor, Reuben Chen, MD, son of Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, founder of Sunrider.

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