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Sunrider Wholesale Membership (USA or Canada ONLY)

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  • Sunrider Products BannerGain access to over 400 great Sunrider products at the lowest, wholesale prices.  Shop and save!
  • No monthly minimums, no mandatory auto-ship, no membership fees.

Sunrider distributors are called Independent Business Owners or IBO's.  Sunrider IBO's have access to over 415 great Sunrider products at the lowest, wholesale prices. (save up to 10% off Sunrider Retail prices)This allows you to create your own Sunrider business or just shop and save with the lowest, wholesale prices.

To become a Sunrider IBO, please complete the form below (Sorry, this is for U.S. and Canadian residents only and not all Sunrider products are available in Canada).

Then, purchase a  Sunrider Starter Kit

After completing the form, you'll be directed to a web page where you may purchase the Sunrider Starter Kit (go ahead and click it now to get a preview in a new window).

It's all here! Everything a new IBO needs to launch a thriving business is in one box. The Sunrider® Starter Kit is designed to help anyone get off to a great start and comes complete with the materials and resources needed to guide you to your ultimate destination—success.

Marketing Materials:
Welcome Letter
Company Profile
A polished publication that makes a clear, powerful statement—Sunrider Is Simply the Best®. Use it to familiarize yourself with all aspects of the company and to introduce Sunrider to others.
Fast Start Guide
A comprehensive how-to guide that takes you through all the essential actions: from goal setting and prospecting to making presentations. It also details the Infinity Compensation Plan.
7-Days to Early Success —Fast Start Program
An actionable plan to get your Sunrider business moving quickly in the right direction.
Switch Brands! Flyer 
A handy reference sheet that shows you how to replace products typically used in all areas of daily life with Sunrider® products.
Product Catalog
An attractive way to introduce Sunrider® products.
SunWriter™ Magazine
A seasonal magazine featuring business-building advice, marketing strategies, MLM industry insights, and other content designed to drive your business growth.
Sunrider's quarterly newsletter is full of tips and features to up your skill set and elevate your offering.
Product Samples
Online Resources
The Starter Kit is your first-class ticket to Sunrider's online world. Log in to your virtual office by visiting business.sunrider.com, where you can keep track of your progress, and access free training tools for your business, including:
Downloadable tools such as the 7-Day Blueprint—Fast Start Program, the Fast Start Guide, and the Switch Brands flyer.
Webinars, opportunity presentations, and videos.
Sunrider University—a virtual campus at your fingertips. This one-stop destination provides an amazing range of resources.
Includes: Price List,  Product Order forms, and Retail  Receipt Pad.
Stylish and Sturdy Business Folio
The Starter Kit comes with a deluxe portfolio binder and a high-quality pen to keep you organized and on point. Professionally accented features include a zippered closure, pen and business card holders, and tablet/laptop compartment.

Receive all the training and support you need when you join Sunrider with Jane Wakefield and Cliff Smith at Besthealthfoodstore.net.  ►About US

Why you should become a Sunrider Independent Business Owner with us:

  • Jane Wakefield and Cliff Smith with Dr. Tei Fu Chen

    We are leading Sunrider distributors in North America, with Sunrider since 2001.
  • We make sure that our IBO's have all the support they expect and need. We're available daily.
  • We are directly connected with Sunrider on a daily basis and know how to maximize your income and savings opportunities with Sunrider's compensation plan.
  • Our partner, Sunrider’s owner and founder, Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, leads a team of scientists to research, develop, and self-manufacture over 415 totally unique health and beauty products at Sunrider-owned state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Los Angeles.
  • Sunrider provides the best compensation plan in the network marketing business. Our example and training from Sunrider, combined with your own effort and performance, will enable you to achieve financial goals that may seem out of reach today.  It’s a simple, easy, and exciting plan that begins to pay from the day you start.
  • Very low start-up costs. All you need is a $59 Starter Business Pack. No need to carry inventory. Sunrider will drop ship for you.
  • IBO's may sell Sunrider products or have Sunrider ship from the manufacturing facility in Los Angeles to customers anywhere in the United States or Canada (IBO's may ship within their own countries only). Sunrider IBO's may also sign up new customers under their sponsorship, who will buy at the Sunrider web site and generate additional income.  IBO's may recruit other IBO's as well, resulting in even more income sources.  Don't worry, we'll show you how to make the most of your Sunrider experience. Sorry, U.S. and Canada only.

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Most Products are on backorder from Sunrider. We will not take any more orders until Sunrider resolves their production problems. Please use our site for educational purposes, read the blog to learn about the products and how to best use them.

GMO Free LabelMoney Back Guarantee logoEASY Refund and Exchange Policy After you purchase anything at our health food store online, if you feel that it does not live up to your expectations, simply return any unused merchandise within 30 days and we’ll give you a full refund of the purchase price, or exchange for equal value. 

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Sunnydew Liquid Stevia

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