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5 Diet Tips for Natural Weight Loss and a Balanced Life

By Cliff Smith

Healthy Diet TipsMany people today are searching for the right diet tips to achieve natural weight loss as well as a healthy, balanced life.  When the evening news brings ever-conflicting reports about what's healthy and what's not, it's hard for even the most saavy consumer to know what to eat; whole foods, low fat, low carb, good carbs, bad carbs, good fat, bad fat, trans fats.  It’s all so confusing. No wonder people give up on their natural weight loss plans and health goals. 

So, here are 5 diet tips to set you off toward a balanced life and natural weight loss.

1. Everything you put in your mouth either builds your body up or tears it down. 

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  • Soft drinks are perfect examples of things that tear the body down while providing zero health benefits. Instead, it's a simple switch to find drinks that taste good while providing real benefits.  Don't expect to find them in a convenience store, though.  Look for natural herbal health drinks.

2. Animal fats are artery clogging and plant fats keep the blood flowing.

  • Eat more from the plant kingdom.  The body recognizes nutrients from whole foods like fruits and vegetables, but has a hard time digesting animal products.  Plus, the fiber in plant based food provides a major boost to those who are seeking natural weight loss.
3. Calories count, so make every calorie work for you, not against you.
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    Empty calories in things like soft drinks, cookies, chips, crackers and candy work against the body's natural processes.  On the other hand, nutrients from plant-based foods satisfy the body and work for you.   The good news is that It is now easier than ever to gain more satisfying nutrition from fewer calories. Look for technologically advanced, plant-based, concentrated whole foods.

4. For healthy, natural weight loss, think before you eat, drink or shop.

  • NuPuffs are healthy snacksSelecting whole foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables, is the healthiest way to obtain the most nutrition for your dollar.  Rather than stocking the pantry or the fridge with unhealthy snacks, look for nutrient rich foods and natural health drinks to keep on hand. That way, when you are hungry or thirsty, you'll reach for the most beneficial items. Keep healthy snacks within reach.

5. Gain more energy from your nutritional choices.

  • Consuming nutrient dense, concentrated whole foods allows the body to absorb nutrients rather than waste energy on digestion.  This eliminates a sluggish feeling after eating, while providing more energy, stamina, endurance and strength to stay active.  You already know that exercise is essential for natural weight loss and optimum health, so the benefits are immediate.

Remembering these 5 things when shopping or dining out makes it easier to achieve natural weight loss.  If you eat whole foods while avoiding processed foods that are high in calories, full of fat, sweetened with sugar, and salted with abandon, your body will be truly satisfied, cravings will vanish and you truly will be in control of your diet.

Author-Cliff Smith helps others achieve optimum fitness through healthy nutritional choices. 

"In 2001, I easily lost 30 pounds in one month while gaining energy, stamina and endurance. Natural weight loss and increased energy were just a couple of the healthy benefits I received by incorporating nutrient dense, concentrated, whole foods and health drinks into my daily diet.  I am a mountain biker who cycles 50-100 miles per week over rugged terrain in the Arizona desert. At age 49, I now go faster, farther, and longer than men half my age. I get most of my serious nutrition from a healthy food plan using concentrated herbal foods and drinks. When I do choose to consume other things, I can rest easy knowing that I've already taken in more than enough real nutrition for the day." Cliff

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