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Quinary/Whole Food Supplement/100 Capsules

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Quinary Capsules and Powder

Quinary by Sunrider

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How can you feed the 5 main systems of your body with 50 unique, perfectly combined, all natural, whole food plant sources in less than 30 seconds? 

Answer: 1 serving of Quinary

Quinary is concentrated nourishment for the 5 Main Systems of the Body: 

  • Immune System  (T-cells)
  • Digestive System (colon)
  • Respiratory System (heart and lungs)
  • Circulatory System (blood)
  • Endocrine System (hormones)

Quinary is unlike any other health food product.  5 Formulas in 1 made from 50 unique Chinese herbs perfectly combined and concentrated by Dr. Tei-Fu Chen.

  • Five different formulas combined into one amazing herbal supplement. Each formula is also sold separately (see below).
  • One of the most powerful natural ingredients in Quinary is Coix Lacryma-Jobi Seed, which is known for its superior antioxidant properties.

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Quinary contains over 50 concentrated food grade herbs, not medicinal herbs.  These herbs are loaded with valuable minerals and antioxidants that nourish and balance the life support systems of the body.  

The combination of herbs in Quinary are carefully selected to bring regeneration to these important systems while effectively fighting degeneration of cells and muscle tissue.

This product is our most valuable because the ingredients are of the highest quality and offer the perfect balance of nutrients to feed all 5 systems of the body.  When it comes to health food, you can buy cheaper products made with inferior ingredients, but do you want to save money or get the best results?

The naturally beneficial food grade herbs (not medicinal herbs) in Quinary help keep the entire body in balance and will not interfere with medications or other supplements.

Quinary = 5 Herbal Supplements in One

All five of these formulas are contained in Quinary and sold separately, too.

Assimilaid DetailsASSIMILAID 100 capsules/Bottle
Designed to address the body's digestive system with herbs that help the body process food quickly and efficiently.  Tastes like cinnamon.

LIFESTREAM 100 capsules/Bottle
Supplies nutrients for the cardiovascular and circulatory system with herbs that help promote balance and fluidity throughout the body.  This formula enhances the proper circulation of blood, which is crucial to good health.

Alpha 20 C DetailsALPHA 20C 100 capsules/Bottle (Also available in 5g Powder Packets/Boxes of 10 and Boxes of 60) To aid the body with herbs that contain naturally occurring antioxidants and fortifying properties for the immune system.  It's available in both capsule and powder form.  Great for traveling to help maintain a healthy immune system.

CONCO 100 capsules/Bottle
This addresses the respiratory system with herbs that help balance the body through a combination of "warming" (cleansing) and "cooling" (nourishing) effects.

PRIME AGAIN 100 capsules/Bottle
Prime Again is designed to address the body's endocrine system with herbs that work in harmony with the body's hormone-producing glands.  Excellent for hormonal issues.

Quinary Capsules Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 10 Capsules  Servings per container: 10

Calories: 20, Total Carbohydrates: 4 g, Dietary Fiber: 2 g, Sodium: 10 mg

Quinary Ingredients:

Proprietary Blend: Chinese Yam,  Hedyotis Diffusa, Chinese Skullcap Root, Dandelion Root, Guo Teng, Licorice Root, Chinese Mint Leaf, Paris Polyphyllia Root, Mandarin Orange Peel, Coix Lacryma-Jobi Seed, Fennel Seed, Cinnamomum Aromaticum Bark, Poria, Ginger Root, Forsythia (Golden Bells) Fruit, Japanese Sophora Flower, Epimedium Leaf, Chinese Hawthorn Fruit, Ligusticum Chuanxiong Root, Schisandra Fruit, Siler (fang feng) Root, Panax Ginseng Root, Japanese Honeysuckle Flower, Peucedanum Root, Chrysanthemum Flower, Dipascus Asper Root, Angelica Pubescens Root, Chinese Ginger Root, Allium Tuberosum Seed, Balloon Flower Root, Lopatherum Leaf, Ophiopogon (Dwarf Lilyturf) Root,  Paper Mulberry Fruit, Polygala Root, Imperata Root, Cornus Officinalis Fruit, Kudzu Root, Burdock Fruit, Cnidium Seed, Giant Reed Root, Desert Broomrape, Schizonepta Tenuifolia, Plantago Asiatica Seed, Bai-zhu Atractylodes Root, Lycium Fruit, Eucommia Bark, and Morinda Root.

Quinary is based on ancient Chinese formulas steeped in tradition from thousands of years of healthy herbal nutrition. The 5 formulas are also sold separately, but have been combined to nourish and cleanse the vital support systems synergystically.

Quinary is excellent for expectant mothers who need the best pregnancy nutrition.

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