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Do Vitamin Waters Enhance the Benefits of Drinking Water?

By Cliff Smith

Vitamin WaterDrinking enhanced vitamin waters and believing they enhance the benefits of drinking water is like believing cotton candy is healthy, fat free food.

Let's look at the small print on a bottle of kiwi-strawberry vitamin water, which the label suggests will somehow enhance your "focus".The first thing we notice is that this so-called health drink is the color of pink cotton candy. Next, we notice what's missing from the ingredients list is not one mention of kiwi or strawberry, only "natural flavor". In fact, on this bottle of supposed "nutrient enhanced water beverage" the label states that it contains less than 1% fruit juice. What is really in this enhanced vitamin water and is it a health drink? Upon closer inspection we begin to realize that it is really a bottle filled with distilled, de-ionized water, sugar, isolated vitamins and minerals.

How Much Sugar Is In A Typical  Vitamin Water?

One nutrition fact to note on the label of this enhanced vitamin water is that each bottle contains 2.5 servings, and that is where the amount of sugar can be deceiving. The "nutrition fact" label reveals only 13g of sugar, but that's per serving. Multiply 13g times 2.5 servings and you've got a whopping 32.5 grams of sugar in each bottle, that's more than most sodas.

You see, the first ingredient listed on the label, after the dead, de-mineralized water, is crystalline fructose, which might best be described as liquid cotton candy. That's what this bottle of pink liquid tasted like, liquid cotton candy, only with less flavor and more of a chemical aftertaste. I could only handle a few sips before beginning to clearly "focus" on how much this "health drink" does not enhance the benefits of drinking water.

How Many Vitamins Are Really In Vitamin Waters?

Now, let's take a good look at the "vitamins" that are in this "vitamin water". According to the label, each serving contains 10% of your daily requirements for Vitamins A, B3, B6, B12, and B5 and a hefty 40% of your daily allowance of Vitamin C. The problem is that these "vitamins" are not attached to any whole foods like strawberries or kiwis. Remember, those whole foods were missing from the ingredients. Therefore, the live enzymes needed to help your body absorb the vitamins into your cells are not there.

It is a nutrition fact that whole foods like fruits and vegetables contain live enzymes, which act as catalysts for vitamins and minerals to work in your cells. Without those whole food properties, vitamins are not easily absorbed by the body and are more than likely eliminated in the toilet. So, how many of those vitamins in vitamin waters are actually being put into use by the body? Probably about as many as you could get from eating cotton candy.

What's Better Than Vitamin Water?

If you really want flavorful health drinks that truly enhance the benefits of drinking water, then you have to search the Internet. There are some excellent all natural health drinks that contain live enzymes, real whole food vitamins, and actual nutrients, but you won't find these superior health drinks at the convenience store.

Look past vitamin waters sales gimmicks and celebrity endorsements, read labels carefully, learn about live enzymes, whole foods, and how the body absorbs nutrients.

If you are serious about your health and fitness and want something more than a vitamin water gimmick, search the web. Look for nutrition facts online about whole foods, all natural foods and health drinks to seriously enhance the benefits of drinking water or anything else you are putting in your body. 

Author Cliff SmithAuthor Cliff Smith is constantly researching the latest nutrition information.  He investigated comparisons between natural health drinks and enhanced vitamin waters in preparing this review.  Cliff is also a professional actor and voiceover artist who offers free audio on nutrition topics like the benefits of drinking water.

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