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Our Sunrider Products Are Better Than Organic

Made in the U.S.A. with Extreme Care and Attention to Detail Since 1982

Sunrider ProductsMost of the foods, drinks and supplements you buy in typical grocery stores and even health food stores are lacking in serious benefitsAny plant-based ingredients are often grown on depleted soil with chemical fertilizers, doused with pesticides, and radiated or fumigated for extra precautions.  What's even worse is that many supplement makers contract out their manufacturing to third parties.  Then, they simply grind herbs and encapsulate them or crush them into a powder.  Not Sunrider!

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See why Sunrider products are better!

Organic foods are somewhat better than conventionally grown, but you have to eat an enormous amount to gain any real benefits.  The cost makes it even less appealing, not to mention the time, effort, and energy it takes to prepare healthy meals for you or your family.

While eating organic foods and drinking plenty of water is better than the average diet, we invite you to look beyond the supermarket and typical health food stores to experience real, dramatic changes in how you look and feel.

The difference is that it’s not just one ingredient, but a precise, concentrated combination of ingredients that makes Sunrider products better than organic!

Sunrider products are better than organic for other reasons, too.

  • Sunrider Products in FocusSunrider uses many herbs and plants that grow in the wild in their natural environment, and are not usually farmed.  The herbs Sunrider uses are NON-GMO! Their philosophy is that "nature is the best farmer."
  • When Sunrider does use cultivated herbs and plants, they work closely with the farmer.  Sunrider makes sure that the herbal ingredients are grown in the right soil, the right climate, and under the right conditions for maximum nutrition.
  • All the raw herbs used in Sunrider products are tested for heavy metal content from acid rain.  The herbs that do not meet Sunrider's high standards are rejected. Organic farming does not guarantee that foods are free of heavy metals
  • Quinary by Sunrider

    The beneficial nutrients from the herbal ingredients in Sunrider products are concentrated and properly processed and combined for maximum effectiveness. You would need to eat a tremendous amount of organic foods to equal the nutritional power of one serving of Quinary.
  • Sunrider is a successful, award-winning maker of health foods, drinks and herbal supplements because Dr. Chen's formulations are different.  He knows exactly how to combine herbs together for the best results and maximum safety.  He analyzes the strong points and weak points of different foods so they work together to create the perfect Sunrider products.

    NuPlus by Sunrider

NuPlus is made from a dozen nutritious plant sources, concentrated to be more effective than juicing fruits and veggies.

Sunrider has been a leader in the creation of health foods, drinks and personal care products since 1982, while many other health and wellness companies are here today and gone tomorrow.

Sunrider Business of the Year Award


Sunrider was recognized as the 2008 Business of the Year by the City of Los Angeles, Harbor City/Harbor Gateway Chamber of Commerce


Do You Have Enough Variety in Your Diet?

"When you were young, didn't your mother always want you to eat a variety of foods, and not be a picky eater?   Your mother was right. Too much of one food can be bad for your body."

Dr. Chen of SunriderThese are words of wisdom from Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, the man who created all 417 Sunrider products.

When formulating Sunrider products, Dr. Chen emphasizes that the body needs variety:

  • "There is no one perfect food or herb. There is always a good side and a bad side to a food or nutrient.  For example, ginseng is a popular herb, but if you eat too much it can kill you.  It can inhibit the blood's ability to coagulate, so you could bleed to death during surgery.  It can also cause injuries to last longer or even worsen colds. Another example is the herb, licorice.  Too much licorice can change your hormones. No herbs are perfect."

"We cannot focus on just one type of miracle ingredient.  I could easily make a juice (like acai, noni or xango).  I used to live in Brazil, so I'm very familiar with acai berry juice. It's a common juice there like orange juice. However, I didn't put out an acai juice because it goes against the variety principle.  Also, do you really believe people in Brazil don't get cancer or have other health problems?  They drink acai juice all the time." (*Brazil is where Dr. Chen discovered Stevia for Sunnydew).

Dr. Chen of Sunrider ProductsThis variety principle also applies to vitamins.  It took years before scientists realized that too much Vitamin A or an excess of Vitamin C can actually increase the risk of developing certain cancers.  That's why Sunrider products deliver vitamins in whole food formulas rather than the chemical isolates in most typical store-bought vitamins. 

Sunrider products contain nutrients from NON-GMO natural sources, CONCENTRATED for benefits far beyond other foods, drinks or supplements.

Dr. Chen reveals a valuable bit of wisdom in his manufacturing philosophy,

  • "I don't want to give you too much chemicals or vitamins because I know a little goes a long way. Our Citric C tabs contain only 125 mg, not 1,000 mg, on purpose.  I can easily make a 1,000 mg Vitamin C tablet, but I don't want people to overdose."

Variety is just one of the key elements providing us with the unique age defying power in Sunrider products.  That's why Quinary is made with 50 different plants, and the ingredients in Nuplus come from dozens of different beneficial herbs.  You can't get that kind of nutrition from one juice or isolated vitamin.  If you think carefully about what you are putting in your body, you will begin to understand why we use Sunrider products for maximum nutrition.  

Dr. Chen has this to say about Sunrider products

Dr. Chen of Sunrider"My family eats Sunrider food, and now my grandchildren eat it.  They are the first quality control department.  I want to live to 200 years old and look 50.  I make sure that everything in my 1 million square foot kitchen is the highest quality.  Formulating, manufacturing, and controlling quality all require owner expertise.  Other companies claim they have hundreds of researchers so they are better than one Dr. Chen.  I know that 100 monkeys are not equal to one man.  I view everyone in Sunrider as family. I will not jeopardize quality to make a few bucks. I cannot put out products that don't meet my standards.  I believe I deserve the best, and you do, too."

Benefits of Sunrider products:
  • Sunrider Sunfit Pack
    Fuel your body with concentrated nutrients, giving you a desire to be active. 
  • Support your defense system to battle allergies, colds, aches and pains effectively. 
  • Clear the cobwebs in your mind so that your thoughts flow more easily. 
  • Give you the tools you need to manage your weight, naturally. 
  • Knock out cravings for unhealthy, fattening foods, sweet and salty foods. 
  • Avoid mood swings from blood sugar imbalances. 
  • Improve digestion with instant absorption of high quality nutrients.
  • Sunrider products give you age defying results you can really feel and others notice.  We have tried many other health food store items that don’t do anything we can feel or see.
  • Sunrider uses a technologically advanced, trade secret process to extract and CONCENTRATE the highest quality nutrients from herbs that provide centuries of documented benefits.
  • Sunrider uses only the finest natural ingredients - many grown in the wild.
  • They often reject the herbs that fail to meet their high quality standards, then painstakingly clean selected natural ingredients by hand and machine.
  • Dr. Tei-Fu Chen and his wife, Dr. Oi-Lin Chen, lead a team of scientists who research, develop and manufacture over 400 award-winning Sunrider products that are not usually found in typical health food stores or supermarkets.

Most Products are on backorder from Sunrider. We will not take any more orders until Sunrider resolves their production problems. Please use our site for educational purposes, read the blog to learn about the products and how to best use them.

GMO Free LabelMoney Back Guarantee logoEASY Refund and Exchange Policy After you purchase anything at our health food store online, if you feel that it does not live up to your expectations, simply return any unused merchandise within 30 days and we’ll give you a full refund of the purchase price, or exchange for equal value. 

Sunnydew Liquid Stevia

Sunnydew Liquid Stevia

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