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Slim Fast Recall a Reminder that Natural Weight Loss is Best

By Cliff Smith

What harm can come from supplementing a natural weight loss program with Slim Fast or other so-called diet drinks?  One answer became clear when 10 million cans of Slim Fast were recalled by the manufacturer for possible bacterial contamination.  On December 2nd, 2009, Slim Fast manufacturer Unilever notified the FDA of possible contamination; and a complete recall was issued.  Consumers were encouraged to contact the company at 1-800-896-9479 for a refund.

It’s not hard to see this scare as a reminder of the importance of natural weight loss. Rather than relying on a chemical elixir created in a lab to help us curb our appetites, natural drinks contain whole foods for ingredients.  These natural nutritional sources restore a body’s balance by supplying the right blend of nutrients and energy to keep up a strong metabolism and an activity level that supports a healthy lifestyle.

Unlike manufactured diet drinks like Slim Fast, true health drinks contain a variety of ingredients that work with the body instead of against it.  For example, many people who pursue natural weight loss have discovered the wonders of Stevia.  This sugar substitute is derived from the Stevia plant, and while it adds a sweetness to health drinks, it doesn’t affect blood sugar levels.  Compare this to the chemical, aspartame, an artificial sweetener that has been linked to more than 90 different health concerns and is in a variety of diet products.

Natural weight loss plans that implement the use of teas, either on their own or as a component of other health drinks, are proving to be the best plans for overall wellness as well as weight loss.  When ingredients used in the drinks are naturally occurring, then the overall benefits can be incredibly important for both natural weight loss and overall health.  Consider the fact that green tea in some health drinks is loaded with powerful antioxidants that help remove free radicals from within the body.  Removing free radicals from the system gives the body more energy to focus on other important functions and reduces the risk of overall illness.

Because our bodies readily recognize the ingredients in natural foods and health drinks, they are well-equipped to absorb and use the nutrients they find there.  Rather than finding new and creative ways to digest foods that were never really intended for human consumption, the body can simply get to work transforming whole foods into energy.  The result, of course, is an increase in energy, which results directly in the ability to burn more calories on a natural weight loss plan.

For those who have thought twice since hearing about the Slim Fast recall, there are a lot of great health drinks to consider for natural weight loss.  Rather than filling the body with highly processed and chemically engineered diet gimmicks, it is time to start considering natural health drinks as a safer and smarter alternative.  These are the kinds of natural weight loss products that can deliver safe results.

Author Cliff SmjithAuthor Profile - Cliff Smith offers more free diet tips at our online health food store.  Discover concentrated health drinks and natural foods that people use for weight loss and more.

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