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Whole Foods Provide Essential Complex Carbohydrates

By Cliff Smith

BananaOften, people hear the word, 'carbohydrates', and a negative connotation comes to mind, but whole foods provide essential complex carbohydrates for a healthy body. When whole foods are the largest part of the diet, then there is less room for simple carbohydrates. This makes weight management and natural weight loss easier as complex carbohydrates take longer to digest, thus providing more long term satisfaction.

To survive and thrive, the human body needs complex carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. All of these essential elements are abundant and easy to assimilate in whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. This means that the foods need to be prepared properly so the plant enzymes are intact and their natural, whole food structure remains. That's why whole grain breads and pastas are better for the body than refined white flour products.

A common misconception of low carb diets is that participants should avoid all carbohydrates, but this is just not possible or healthy for people. Complex carbohydrates from whole foods are essential for energy and proper brain function. People who consume fewer complex carbohydrates may suffer from irritability. Unfortunately, they often boost their mood with simple carbohydrates from refined sugar products. This is how diabetes begins to develop in many people.

If, instead, someone who was feeling sluggish or ill tempered ate whole foods like apples, celery or carrots, the complex carbohydrates would provide a healthier mood boost. It might take longer, but the benefits would be longer lasting, as well.

Complex carbohydrates are different from simple carbohydrates because they are made up of three or more sugar molecules linked together, instead of only one or two. Of course, simple carbohydrates can be from whole foods, but refined sugar products do not provide the same benefits as fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains. High fructose corn syrup and table sugar are examples of products that contain excessive, concentrated amounts of simple carbs.

Simple carbohydrates do occur naturally in fruits and vegetables, but in much smaller amounts than in products like cookies, candy, ice cream and cakes. Some high starch foods such as potatoes, corn, carrots and whole grains include even longer chains of complex carbohydrates. That's why these whole foods provide long lasting energy without the sugar crashes associated with simple carbs.

Experts suggest that 50% of the calories consumed each day should be from complex carbohydrates. There are so many whole foods to choose from that this daily recommended amount should not be a problem. However, some do find it difficult to eat enough of the right kinds of whole foods each day. Maybe they don't care for the taste of a large enough variety of fruits or vegetables to consume the daily required amount. In those cases, there are whole food concentrates and drinks that can provide plenty of complex carbohydrates in formulas that are easy to consume. In fact, it is now easier than ever to consume the right kinds of
Author Cliff Smithcarbohydrates in advanced nutritional formulas that provide an abundance of nutrients from whole foods.

Author Profile - Cliff Smith is one of the owners of an online health food store that specializes in concentrated whole foods and drinks. Discover the most powerful sources of complex carbohydrates for managing weight, gaining energy and satisfying hunger.  See Cliff's natural weight loss plan.

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