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Top 5 Ways High Fiber Foods Make You Healthy

by Cliff Smith

High fiber foods are not the kind of thing that most people think about on a regular basis, which is unfortunate considering how much they can do for health and well-being.  Adding high fiber foods, including fiber drinks, to the diet can aid in digestion, promote healthy weight loss, and even lower risks for diseases like diabetes and cancer. 

  • With such benefits from high fiber foods, it’s hard to imagine why more people aren’t stocking their shelves with them.

For years we’ve been hearing claims that tell us we’re not getting enough high fiber foods and that increasing our intake can have profound effects on our lives.  But, many people don’t actually even understand what good high fiber foods are, let alone why consuming them regularly is a sensible thing to do.

Fiber itself is a naturally occurring substance that the body cannot digest.  The best high fiber foods are plants.  While the fiber gets chewed up and becomes very small, it does not actually get absorbed into the body.  Instead, it passes from one end of the digestive system to the other, doing several very important jobs along the way.

Top 5 Ways Fiber Makes You Healthy

  1. High fiber foods take a little longer to chew, meaning that they slow down the rate at which we are eating.  This gives the body time to recognize when it is full and helps prevent overeating and the subsequent weight gain.

  2. When high fiber foods are swallowed and make their way to the stomach they mix with all the other food, slowing down the overall absorption of nutrients into the blood stream.  One thing that slows down is the absorption of sugar, which means it is absorbed at a more even rate, keeping the blood sugar level from spiking and crashing.  So, in addition to affecting moods and energy levels, high fiber foods also help prevent strain on the pancreas, which can lead to diabetes.

  3. The slower absorption of fiber in the stomach also means that a person feels full for a longer period of time.  Again, this helps prevent overeating and weight gain.

  4. As the high fiber fiber foods continue through the digestive tract, the little particles actually brush the insides of the intestines, removing built-up waste materials.  This helps to prevent irritations that can lead to polyps and cancer, as well as getting rid of toxins that can lead to all types of illnesses.

  5. High Fiber FoodsAt the end of the digestive process, the fiber helps to gather waste materials and move them out of the body.  A combination of high fiber foods and good hydration assure a healthy elimination process that keeps the body on track.

It is recommended that the average adult consume 25 to 35 grams of fiber daily, yet most get about half that.  The best sources are naturally occurring high fiber foods, although there are good fiber supplements that can be used, too.  Fiber drinks are another alternative and they can make it even easier to consume the recommended daily amount of fiber.

Author Profile - As one of the owners of BestHealthFoodStore.net, the online health food store for natural foods, fiber drinks and more, Cliff Smith educates consumers on the best ways to achieve natural weight loss and optimum fitness.  He offers a wealth of free resources for visitors to learn more about high fiber foods and fiber supplements.

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