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Herbal Supplements > Dr. Chen Men's Formula/For Prostate Health/60 soft-gel caps
Dr. Chen Men's Formula/For Prostate Health/60 soft-gel caps

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Why Choose Dr. Chen Men's Formula for Prostate Health?

Dr. Chen in Forbes Magazine It can lower PSA and help men enjoy a good night's sleep without disturbance. Contains no artificial ingredients!

This unique herbal supplement is formulated with a precise blend of Saw Palmetto fatty acids and natural antioxidants such as lutein and lycopeneDr. Chen Men's Formula is made with only natural whole food grade herbs, not medicinal herbs, which can be toxic. 

The natural ingredients in Dr. Chen Men's Formula are carefully combined for absolute safety, and super-concentrated for maximum effectiveness. Who Is Dr. Chen?

Each bottle of Dr. Chen Men's Formula contains 60 soft-gel caps shaped like tiny footballs.

Dr. Chen Men's Formula Recommendations:

Dr. Chen Men's Formula

  • 2 gel caps/day.

The highly concentrated food grade herbs in Men's Formula give it the power to generate real results without interfering with medication or causing harmful side effects.

In addition to Men's Formula, we offer several other herbal supplements that provide optimum nutrition for athletes

Women can also take Men's Formula to increase libido, assist in menopause symptom relief, and to help build lean muscle.

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