February 25, 2019 @ 3:54 PM

By: Jane Wakefield

We recently received tremendous feedback when asked if any of our customers were interested in a product that can help lower A1c.
A1c stands for glycated hemoglobin. The A1c percentage measures how much sugar is attached to the blood's hemoglobin protein. The A1c test result gives a measure of how well your body has controlled the amount of sugar in the blood over the past two to three months.
Lysulin lowers A1cMany of you know that we always want to help our customers achieve their health goals using safe and effective products. Almost all (not the ones just for men) of the Sunrider products we sell, I have used myself so I can always speak from personal experience. Well, this challenge was different since I am not pre-diabetic nor do I have diabetes. So I patiently waited until I could find proof that this product does what the manufacturer claims it does. Now we have Lysulin!
Here's my friend's Joe's description of his experience.
"My Name is Joe Oviedo and I live in Avondale Arizona. In early December 2018 my new primary care physician ordered lab work for me. On Dec 26 I went to see him to go over my results. For the most part everything came back good with one exception. My hemoglobin A1C was at 8.5. Most doctors I'm told, usually place patient on insulin at this point. Luckily he said he would just monitor me and scheduled to see me in three months. I waited until the beginning of January and I decided to reach out to Jane. I had met Jane back I 2005. I knew she was in Sunrider and I was interested in seeing what I could do on my own. Jane introduced me to Lysulin. She gave me a bottle along with the A1C home test kit. She instructed me to finish the bottle and do the test. I wasn't expecting a big change but A1c self testoptimistic to some change in the right direction. My result was 7.3. I was excited and I immediately sent the results to Jane. She was thrilled with my  results. I got my order yesterday and I'm back on it. I'm looking forward to see my next lab results which will be done in March."