September 28, 2018 @ 11:27 AM

By Glenda Feilen

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Want to improve your health? Start by thinking about the things that bring you happiness. Scientific evidence tells us that positive emotions can help make your life longer and healthier. 
Here are a few ways that happiness is linked to good health: 
Love and happiness may not actually originate in the heart, but they are good for it. A 2005 study found that happiness can lower heart rate and blood pressure. In the study, participants rated their happiness over 30 times in one day and then again three years later. The initially happiest participants had a lower heart rate on follow-up (about six beats slower per minute), and the happiest participants during the follow-up had better blood pressure. 
In another study in 2010 of nearly 2,000 Canadians went into a lab to talk about their anger and stress at work. They were rated on a scale of one to five for how they expressed positive emotions like joy, happiness, excitement, enthusiasm, and contentment. Ten years later, the researchers checked in with the participants to see how they were doing—and it turned out that the happier ones were less likely to have developed coronary heart disease. In fact, for each point increase in positive emotions they had expressed, their heart disease risk was 22 percent lower. 
Hearts love happy nutrition. LIFESTREAM, one of the five unique formulas in Quinary is a special food for the circulatory system. CALLI and FORTUNE DELIGHT help the body flush toxins and fat from the blood stream to support a healthy heart and circulatory system. And remember, the heart is a muscle. JOI nourishes the muscles as well as SPORT CAPS
Do you know someone who is grumpy and who always seems to be getting sick? That may not be a coincidence. Research has found a link between happiness and a stronger immune system. 
Many studies have found that immune system activity in a person goes up and down depending on their happiness. For two months, 30 male dental students were studied. On days when they were happier, participants had a better immune response, measured by the presence of an antibody in their saliva that defends against foreign substances. 
Don’t be grumpy – take VITAFRUIT. When Dr. Chen introduced this formula years ago I remember how he told everyone in the room to look around and to listen to themselves. After passing out the samples and drinking the vials of liquid we were laughing and joking and being very happy. He said he wanted to call it the ‘joy juice’ because it has so my antioxidants and helps people to be happy. 
If you aren’t as happy as you want to be, think about taking extra ALPHA 20 C which is the specific food nourishing to the immune system. It is one of the five formulas in QUINARY. 
Unhappiness can literally be painful. A study in 2001 had participants rate their recent experience of positive emotions, then five weeks later how much they had experienced negative symptoms like muscle strain, dizziness, and heartburn since the study began. The people who reported the highest levels of positive emotion at the beginning actually became healthier over the course of the study, and ended up healthier than their unhappy counterparts. The fact is that their health improved over five weeks (and the health of the unhappiest participants declined). 
Aches and pain in joint, muscle, bone, and nerve can be benefitted by that wonderful unique formula, JOI. I personally take a couple morning and night because arthritis runs in my family and I want to nourish my body extra because of my genetic predisposition. I don’t have an ache or a pain! 
Several research studies show that happiness is associated with improvements in more severe, long-term conditions also. 
In one study women with breast cancer recalled being less happy and optimistic before their diagnosis than women without breast cancer, suggesting that happiness and optimism may be protective against the disease. 
family in park with dogHAPPINESS LENGTHENS OUR LIVES 
How does happiness comes into play with the ultimate health indicator, longevity? The most famous study of happiness and longevity is the life expectancy of Catholic nuns. In the end, the happiest-seeming nuns lived a whopping 7-10 years longer than the least happy. 
You don’t have to be a nun to experience the life-extending benefits of happiness, though. In a 2011 study almost 4,000 English adults ages 52-79 reported how happy, excited, and content they were multiple times in a single day. The happier people were 35 percent less likely to die over the course of about five years than their unhappier counterparts. 
Maybe you’re unhappy or depressed because you have blood sugar imbalance, your hormones are out of balance, or you just plain don’t have good enough nutrition to have the energy you need to do the things in life that make you happy. That’s why nutrition is vital to happiness. ALWAYS start with the basics ….the Regeneration program. NOURISH (NuPlus/VitaShake/Protein Plus), CLEANSE (Calli and/or FORTUNE DELIGHT), and BALANCE (Quinary/Liqui 5) 
People tend to be poor judges of what will make them happy. Here are some widely held myths about what will bring happiness. The question is whether money can buy happiness. Research indicates that it does not bring lasting happiness. Sharing experiences with family or friends is number one and helping other people (not buying them things) is number two. 
I think it was Abraham Lincoln who was given the credit for saying: ‘Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.’ 
With Happy thoughts and Sunrider whole foods you can’t help but be happy!