August 7, 2018 @ 6:39 PM

By Glenda Feilen

sunrider conco helps respiratory system


Recently one of my daughters called me and said, “Mom, I need you to come over and bring CONCO and ALPHA 20 C. I don’t feel well and am blowing my nose and coughing.”
How did she know to ask me that? Because when she was a young girl and she felt that way, she simply took Conco and Alpha 20 C all day every hour to nourish her lymph and immune systems and felt better soon.
Conco – is a special food to nourish the lymph and respiratory system. Alpha 20 C – is a unique formula to nourish the immune system.
the lymph system part of the immune systemThe lymph system is the vacuum cleaner of the body. It is a system of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste and .........

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