May 19, 2016 @ 1:38 PM

by Cliff Smith

If you're wondering why you suffer through frequent allergies or colds,  it could very well mean that you have a weak immune system.  Let's face it, allergens, viruses, cancers, and other unwanted enemies are constantly attacking the immune system.

Your immune system has several important jobs. It forms a barricade that stops incoming bacteria and viruses from taking hold in your body.  If a bacteria or virus enters the body, the immune system attempts to identify and eradicate it before it reproduces.  If the virus or bacteria is able to reproduce, your immune system is in charge of purging it.
All Natural Immune Support with Vitadophilus

The immune system can even distinguish cancer cells in early stages and often eliminate them before problems arise.  Unfortunately, most people do so much damage to their immune systems on a regular basis that they cannot possibly fight off major diseases like cancer, until it is too late.  So, it's a good idea to support the immune system daily in order to protect yourself against the barrage of bacteria and viruses all around us.

Jane the Nutrition CoachJane, the Nutrition Coach at, used to suffer through allergies 9 months out of the year.  She was constantly stuffy and had tissues close by at all times.  Jane thought she would just have to live with these kinds of allergies forever, but that all changed in 2001 when she was diagnosed with a major health challenge.  Rather than fighting this life threatening disease with conventional treatments, Jane devoted herself to strengthening the immune system.  

Today, we're happy to report that it worked!  Not only did Jane survive, she thrived, and since then
has she rarely experienced any kind of allergy symptom.  So, Jane's focus on supporting her immune system to fight off a major health challenge has provided a lifetime of well-being.  

People rarely think about strengthening the immune system with proper nutrition, but there are specific herbal nutrients that support the cells of the immune system. Sunrider's Alpha 20 C formula nourishes the immune system, aiding increased production of T-cells.  T-cells are immune system cells that fight infection and play a major role in regulation of allergic response to  invading organisms. Using this formula to nourish and strengthen T-cell production often results in an improved capacity to fight infections, identify and break down growths, and normalize allergic reactions.

Feed your immune system properly and your entire body will respond positively.  Sunrider's Quinary Sunrider's Quinary feeds the immune system as well as all 5 major systems of the body so they function at peak performance.  These 5 systems are the "workhorses" of the body.  If one system is off, it hinders the other systems and affects the whole body.

We used to playfully refer to our cat, Pepper, as "Wheezer" because she had these wheezing, sneezing and coughing fits that lasted up to a
minute.  We felt really bad for Pepper, but didn't know what to do.  Then, we tried adding Alpha 20C to her moist cat food.  She loved it!  Not only did Pepper like the taste, which was unbelievable because she's very picky, but the best part is that her wheezing fits vanished.  

Now, whenever she hears us opening a packet of Alpha 20C, Pepper runs to her bowl and gives us a look that says, "I want to support my immune system, so feed me some more of that stuff".  At least that's our interpretation.

My own reward for having a well-protected immune system is that now I never get colds.  I used
to develop pretty aggressive cold symptoms for a week, once every 3-4 months.  Part of this came from being an aggressive Author Cliff Smithathlete and often doing more than I should, so my immune system was constantly under stress.  Since incorporating daily use of Alpha 20 C in my diet, I feel fantastic year-round.  My athletic routine is even more intense now and my immune system is stronger so it can withstand a constant barrage of viruses more effectively.

So, the best way to fight allergies is by building a strong immune system.  The good news is that we are now hearing from more people who are protecting themselves from all sorts of health challenges by first and foremost protecting their immune system.

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