May 12, 2016 @ 7:47 AM

by Cliff Smith

Healthy Women ExercisingWouldn't it be great if you could follow just 3 healthy habits to nourish, cleanse and hydrate your way to the healthiest body ever?  When your goals include weight management, a higher level of fitness, or an all around healthier lifestyle, following these three healthy habits daily will make a big difference in your overall wellness.

1.  Increase Nutritional Value and Reduce Calories

NuPlus Nourishes with Fewer Calories

Reducing calories is the most important thing you can do to manage a healthy weight, and to live longer, too.  Recent studies show that calorie reduction definitely leads to greater longevity.  Some people try to trick their bodies into needing fewer calories with fad diets or by taking hormone replacements or diet pills.  There is a much healthier way to consume fewer calories while increasing nutritional value.  It's called Nuplus and it satisfies hunger while building lean muscle!

2.  Cleanse The Liver and Kidneys Daily

Every day, your liver and kidneys must process fats and toxins that need to be eliminated from the body.  As one day's waste piles on the next, the liver gets backed up.  Calli Tea for Cleansing Liver and KidneysThen, the fat starts to accumulate in tissue throughout the body and fewer toxins are eliminated.  Some people do a colon cleanse or a fast to try to bring these tissues back to their healthy, clean state. However, as soon as the fast is over, the toxins begin piling up again.  Not only is this periodic cleansing hard on the organs, but it really accomplishes very little.  It's as if a toilet were flushed one day then allowed to back up for months again.  That makes for a very dirty toilet bowl.  The same can be said of the liver.  That's why daily cleansing is the healthiest way to cleanse the liver, kidneys and other important organs and tissue.  Calli Tea performs daily cleansing in harmony with the body's natural processes.   

3.  Hydrate With More Than Water

Proper hydration is the most important element in creating a healthy body and it is often overlooked.  The minimum for proper hydration is to drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day.  Beyond that, though, it is important to think about the quality of the water being consumed.  Fresh, healthy, nutrient rich water needs to get into the cells.  This helps cells in the body to regenerate rather than degenerate.  The problem is that most water goes in and out without being Drink to Your Health with Fortune Delightabsorbed into the cells, or is "dead" water that is devoid of valuable nutrients.

This is why we recommend Fortune Delight, which is made from special herbs with valuable phytonutrients (the most powerful nutrients from plants).  It enhances plain water with chlorophyll and live enzymes to aid absorption.  These active plant enzymes unlock the doors to the cells so that the water and other nutrients can get inside to do great work.  Phytonutrients from plants like those used in Fortune Delight have been proven to prevent premature aging.  Chlorophyll from the plants moves oxygen through the bloodstream while washing waste from the cells.
Fortune Delight for Hydration
Introducing these 3 nutritional components to your daily diet plan will bring you true health and well-being.  For your personal nutrition consultation, please contact us.