August 10, 2015 @ 8:40 PM

by Cliff Smith

Digestive healthDigestive health is ground zero for total health and wellness. Optimal nutrient absorption, immune system efficiency and effective waste removal are just a few of the important body functions that commence in the digestive system.  

As purveyors of an online health food store, this is probably the biggest issue we get questions about.  Rightly so, since total body health starts with how efficiently food is digested and subsequently how nutrients are utilized.  So, here are a few of our favorite ways to maintain a healthy digestive system, thus a healthy body.

Naturally occurring lactobacillus acidophilus in the digestive tract helps break down food, so the body can efficiently absorb the nutrients.  The presence of this BENEFICIAL BACTERIA in the digestive system can help displace or decrease non-beneficial micro-organisms, some of which can lead to fermentation, thereby causing bloating and gas, or rob the body of necessary nutrients.

VitaDophilus is an easy to use probiotic powder that contains lactobacillus acidophilus with an all natural apple taste.  It's meant to be consumed right out of the convenient single serving packets.
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VitaDophilus is unique from other probiotic products because it is made with a completely natural apple pectin coating that allows the beneficial bacteria to reach the lower intestines without being destroyed by stomach acids.  This is why VitaDophilus only requires “millions” of healthy bacteria, instead of “billions”, like other probiotic products that are destroyed in the stomach juices before doing much good.

QuinaryProper ASSIMILATION of the food you consume is crucial to total health and wellness.  Foods that are not properly assimilated may leave the body deficient in   vital nutrients.  Assimilation processes in the small intestine determine specific nutrients that can be used by different body parts. Quinary is a product that employs 50 unique herbs to nourish the 5 main systems of the body with 5 formulas in oneAssimilaid is one of those formulas, and it provides specific nutrients to help the body assimilate food quickly and efficiently.

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HYDRATION is an essential element of life and absolutely vital for healthy digestion.  People who don’t hydrate properly may appear puffy or feel bloated.  This bloated puffiness comes from the body holding on to all the moisture it can.  The waste water builds up in the cells, muscles and tissues without fresh, healthy water coming in to replace it.  Plus, all the sodium that people consume gives the body another reason to retain water.  This water retention leads to all sorts of internal problems, including kidney disease, weight gain, high cholesterol and elevated blood pressure, among other devastating health issues.

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Daily CLEANSING is a polite way of describing the flushing of fats and toxins that our bodies must go through in order to maintain healthy digestion.  Some people go through an annual cleanse, but the waste just piles up again if daily cleansing is not taking place.  For total health and wellness it is critical that the water within each cell of the body is replaced with fresh water on a regular basis.  Waste water out, fresh water in is a healthy way of thinking about this topic.  Consuming at least half your body weight in ounces of water is a good rule of thumb for optimal cleansing each day.  Also, adding cleansing herbal formulas like Fortune Delight, Calli Tea and Evergreen to your H2O can really help boost the benefits of drinking water.

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A healthy body begins with an efficient digestive system.  Keep your gut in check to maintain proper assimilation, hydration and cleansing. Remember, It all starts in the stomach.  Well, really, the mouth, but don’t let that lead you astray.