March 24, 2015 @ 12:53 PM

By Cliff Smith

Jane's Healthy Fruit TartWe love to eat healthy food, but honestly, it is difficult to plan, purchase, and prepare.  Fortunately, Jane is really great at making tasty, nutritious foods, like this vegan fruit tart, but there are a few drawbacks when trying to stick to a healthy menu.

  • It takes a lot of time, effort and energy to plan and prepare healthy foods.
  • Organic produce is pricey and goes bad quickly.
  • You can’t eat enough healthy, organic foods to see or feel real benefits.

Cliff Smith, Jane Wakefield and Dr. ChenThese are just a few of the reasons we are so happy to have our own personal health food chef, Dr. Tei-Fu Chen.  You can have him cook for you, too, in his multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art kitchen at the Sunrider headquarters in Los Angeles.  His herbal food and drink creations are perfectly balanced and formulated to deliver so much healthy nutrition, so fast and effectively that you can actually REGENERATE the body.

Journey to The Sun about Dr. Tei-Fu ChenDr. Chen has been working with and studying herbs all his life.  His recipes were perfected by Chinese herbalists over thousands of years and handed down to him from his grandfather in Taiwan.  He knows precisely what to expect from specific herbs, which parts of the plants are most beneficial, and how to combine them in such a way to achieve dramatic results.  Oh, and his products are all super-concentrated so that small amounts are very effective. Sunrider uses many pounds of herbs to produce one pound of formula.

You cannot buy products with the same ingredients or the same formulation by any other manufacturer.  There are no other products to compare with these, so you won’t find something in the clearance rack at Hi-Health to equal what Dr. Chen has created.

In 1982, Dr. Chen began creating his perfect foods and drinks for the public by introducing his company Sunrider.  Since then, he Sunrider Productshas developed over 400 products that offer convenient, easy ways to get the healthiest nutrition on Earth.  His unique and powerful formulas deliver benefits that are impossible to attain from ordinary foods, drinks,  or supplements that most people buy in stores.

So, if you want to eat the healthiest food on Earth that is perfectly combined, super concentrated for maximum results, and easy to use, then eat from Dr. Chen’s kitchen daily.  He makes it quick and convenient for everyone to eat healthy all the time.