July 9, 2014 @ 10:13 AM

by Cliff Smith

Sunrider ConventionThis week in Los Angeles, our manufacturer, Sunrider, is celebrating 32 years as a world leader in the creation of health and wellness products.  At the company’s annual convention in Anaheim, people from all over the globe are gathering for the conference to discover, socialize, and celebrate healthy living with Sunrider.

Sunrider founders, Dr. Tei-Fu Chen and his wife, Dr. Oi-Lin Chen, MD, will share insights into their manufacturing processes, their amazing products, the Sunrider business opportunity available to everyone, and the innovative new creations that continue to add to their 400+ products. 

Sunrider Manufacturing PlantWatch the Sunrider manufacturing video to see why Sunrider products are uniquely effective.  Distributors, or Sunrider Independent Business Owners (IBO’s) as we’re called, will tour the manufacturing facilities to see firsthand Sunrider’s passionate attention to detail. 

An added bonus is the tour of the Chen Art Gallery at the Sunrider International headquarters in Torrance, CaliforniaA world renowned herbalist and pharmacist, Chen Art GalleryDr. Chen has devoted much of his passion over the past 25 years into amassing one of the most important private collections of Chinese art in the United States.  Open to the public since December 2000, the Chen Art Gallery’s collection is an impressive array of over 1,000 artifacts spanning 5000 years of Chinese history from the earliest Neolithic Era pottery to Ming and Qing imperial palace collections.

Our BestHealthFoodStore.net nutrition coach, Jane Wakefield, will be speaking at the convention and I've already taped a video message.  After 13 years as Sunrider distributors, we moved our online store to Los Angeles last year so that I could further pursue my acting and voiceover career.  We made the move to Hollywood 15 months ago and I'm happy to report some successes.

In addition to several movies to be released this year, I've enjoyed a few fun TV appearances as well.  I'm the Detective in an episode of Catfish, "The Real Sarah" on MTV.  The story of "The Real Sarah" is towards the end of this episode. 

Also, I was Greg on Sex Sent Me To The ER last Saturday, for the episode titled, "Motorcycle Mayhem", which will air again on Saturday, July 19th on The Learning Channel.

I'm grateful for the opportunities presented to us as Sunrider Independent Business Owners.  You can have your own business, too. Learn more...