February 25, 2014 @ 11:45 AM

by Cliff Smith

Healthy Diet PlanWhen you’re focused on a healthy diet, these 3 ingredients are essential for getting the most value out of the foods and drinks you choose every day.

1.  Cleansing Teas.  We all come in contact with many different toxins every day in our food, air, and water.  When these accumulate, then the liver is not able to process fats and toxins as efficiently as it should.  This causes all sorts of health challenges, including belly fat for men and big hips and thighs for women. 

By drinking Calli TeaCalli Tea and Fortune Delight each day, your body's elimination processes function more efficiently.  These green tea based herbal beverages provide an effective, yet gentle, daily cleanse for the liver and kidneys.  We drink a quart a day to keep the toxins away.  

Fortune Delight

2.  SunbarsFiber. Keep things moving through your digestive system with healthy fiber.  When you eat foods that leave a trail of residue in your intestines, then your colon is never really clean.  A clean colon leads to a more efficient digestive system.  You need 25-35 grams of good quality fiber each day for best colon cleansing results. However, quality is as VitaShakeimportant as quantity, so be sure to make healthy high fiber food choices.  

►A list of high fiber foods for 25-35 grams of fiber

VitaShake and Sunbars include healthy, easy to digest, soluble and insoluble fiber. 

NuPlus3.  Super-AntioxidantsFlavonoids and bioflavonoids are super-antioxidants that act like natural anti-inflammatories.  Think of colorful vegetables and green teas that are usually loaded with bioflavonoids.  They help keep your body satisfied at a cellular level.  The key here is more micro-nutrients in fewer calories.  In other words, you'll get much more nutritional value out of a glass of VitaShake or NuPlus than you will from a plate of pasta or steak.  VitaShake and NuPlus are concentrated with micro-nutrients full of flavonoids and bioflavonoids to keep the body satisfied while MetaShaperbuilding lean muscle.

Resveratrol is a super-antioxidant found in wine and grapes, and may be the most important nutritional discovery in years.  MetaShaper is loaded with concentrated amounts of Resveratrol.  Note--*You would have to drink 100 bottles of wine to get the amount of Resveratrol in 3 MetaShaper capsules.