December 10, 2014 @ 5:37 PM

By Cliff Smith

Grand Canyon HikerOn the journey to good health, like any trip, in order to reach your destination, you must take the first step. If it's ten miles to the top of the Grand Canyon and you’re standing at the bottom, the only way to reach the summit is by taking that first step. This is what stops most people before the journey has even begun.

When an important goal takes time, effort and persistence, some may feel that it’s just too difficult to reach the destination.  So, they never take that first step, and instead simply stay rooted in their current place in life. 

Cliff Smith in the Grand Canyon

Don’t let yourself get stuck at the bottom.  Take the first step to the top!  It’s the only way that others have reached the same goal you want to attain.  For me, the first step toward losing 30 pounds in one month during the beginning of 2001 was to start consuming concentrated Chinese herbal foods and drinks.  That one step allowed the next 14 years of fantastic health and fitness to unfold for me in ways I never even dreamed possible.

Since then, I have accomplished goals that seemed daunting at first, but each step brought them closer to reality.  For instance, I started our online health food store, completed several extreme Grand Canyon trips,  went on lots of big mountain bike adventures, and then moved to Hollywood to pursue my dream of acting in film and television.  All of these things seemed very challenging at first, but with just a few baby steps, they turned out to be easier and more fun than I imagined.

If you declare, “I want to lose 30 pounds”, you probably won't wake up the next day surprisingly thinner. You have to take the first step to change your habits and lose that first pound.  Then, as you gain experience and success, you’ll find the going gets easier.  Suddenly, before you know it, you’ve lost 10 pounds or 20 or 30!  This is how people lose weight, start businesses, complete marathons, or accomplish other things of lasting value.

Cliff Smith in CatfishI’m not a big movie star, yet. However, during my 15 months in Los Angeles, I did about 200 auditions, was signed by 4 agents, starred in a handful of films, appeared in a few TV shows, music videos, commercials and even did some stand-up comedy.  All that took some courage to start, but the first step was the most important, and that may have been something as simple as buying a map of California.

Here are a few ideas for FIRST STEPS that you can take right away:

  • Start an exercise routine.  This one will get your life moving in the right direction.  Movement is the key.  It doesn’t have to be difficult.  Fitness BrigadeIn fact, it should be exercise that you enjoy and that gives you visible results pretty quickly.   Try the Sunrider Fitness Brigade Program.  I started this and never thought I would complete the 90 day program, but ended up doing 6 months worth.  Again, the hardest part was getting started and doing the first one.  After a few times, it becomes a habitual thing you look forward to completing.  
  • Calli video clip previewDrink herbal teas instead of coffee, soft drinks, energy drinks or other junk.  Calli Tea can change your outlook on life immediately.  We hear from people frequently who tell us they simply added the Calli Tea to their current routine and surprisingly lost weight or just felt better with more energy.
  • Stop using processed sugar or artificial sweeteners.  It’s so easy now to make the switch to Stevia that there is absolutely no need for unhealthy sweeteners.  Sunnydew Liquid Stevia has zero calories, is totally natural, and registers zero on the Gycemic index.  It even helps people maintain normal blood sugar levels.
  • NuPlusGet more nutrition in fewer calories.  This is not easy in today’s highly processed world where it’s easy to gobble up plenty of empty calories every day.  Transitioning away from junk foods that are packed with simple carbs to foods with more complex carbohydrates, like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, will elevate your health and wellness level instantly.  Try Nuplus for the highest quality nutrition in the fewest number of calories.

If you want to achieve great health, then set that as your goal, but know that you will need to take steps every day toward the direction of your destination.  If you take a detour along the way, that’s no big deal, just get back on the main highway as soon as possible and start your journey again.  You will get there as sure as I’m sitting here.