November 17, 2014 @ 6:17 PM

By Cliff Smith

Arizona Ironman MedalOn a particularly windy day in Arizona, November 16th, 2014, three thousand healthy people took part in the annual Ironman Triathlon.  In fact, it was the windiest day in the Arizona race’s 11 year history.

We’re proud to say that one of our Sunrider distributors and friends, Tod Miller, successfully finished his 22nd Ironman competition.  He is an inspiration to us and many others who look upon triathletes like this as super-human.  Tod seems like a normal guy, but his athletic feats are out of the ordinary for sure.

BicyclistFirst, Tod and the other triathletes had to swim over 2 miles in the chilly November waters of Tempe Town Lake.  Then, they jumped on a bicycle and rode (into the wind) for 110 miles, and finished by running a 26 mile marathon!  Tod not only trains hard for this all year, but he also runs the BodyWalking Institute and is constantly busy raising two healthy kids.

Tod Miller's Bodywalking InstituteTod’s BodyWalking massage technique is revolutionary and has been featured on TV shows like Shark Tank and The Doctors. It has helped us recover beautifully from pains picked up playing tennis, mountain biking, hiking or snow skiing.  Also, he teaches massage therapists how to do more with their feet and less with their hands, so they can work more efficiently with less stress on their bodies. 

Tod is a long-time advocate of the Sunrider food and drink formulas: "I have been consuming Sunrider products like Quinary, Nuplus, Fortune Delight and Calli Tea since I was 19 (over 22 years).  It assists me with being nourished to the point where I'm not interested in unhealthy food.  It's convenient and easy to use anywhere."
-Tod Miller/22 Time Ironman Triathlete

Nutrition for athletesAs an athlete who burns so many calories in training, Tod needs to eat lots of food, frequently.  Fortunately, he can use Nuplus and Quinary to obtain the most satisfying nutrition possible in the fewest number of calories. These concentrated, plant-based formulas help athletes stay fit and light without wasting so much energy digesting copious amounts of food.  If it works for athletes like Tod, it will work for you, too.

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