January 23, 2014 @ 11:22 AM

by Cliff Smith

Cliff Smith in SenoaSundance is one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world and our Sunrider teas and healthy snacks are gaining the spotlight with some of the stars in attendance.  Next year, I hope to be one of the stars in attendance for a new film I'm in called "Senoa" (currently in post-production).

Actress Cheryl Hines at Sundance Film FestivalIn Hollywood, everyone knows that you have to have a healthy look if you want a healthy career in movies or television.  Katie Couric at Sundance Film FestivalThat’s why movie stars are always looking for the healthiest foods, drinks and supplements they can find.  This often means they have to shop a little differently from the rest of the world.  

Fortunately, the convenience of our totally natural, safe and effective herbal concentrates from Sunrider are perfect for stars on the go and available to you, too.  Best of all, they can be ordered online or by phone and the highest quality nutrition can be delivered right to the door.  It doesn’t get any easier.

Actor Joe Manganiello at Sundance Film FestivalSunrider’s natural skin care, hair care, and oral care products are unmatched by other typical retail products.  Dr. Oi-Lin Chen is the Medical Doctor at Sunrider who is behind the Oi-Lin and Kandesn skin care products from Sunrider.

What Makes Movie Stars Look So Healthy and Youthful?

Actress Halle BerryTV and Film makeup artist, Norma Hill-Patton gives us the inside scoop on what makes stars shine so brightly on the screen.  Norma has been in the film and television business for over 40 years, and just happens to be a personal make-up artist for Halle Berry.  Her work has been featured in I, Claudius, The Cleopatras, Out of Africa, Cool Runnings, Catwoman, Twilight, New Moon, and the A-Team to name just a few.  This interview was conducted by Julie McLewee, Sunrider Kandesn Marketing Manager.

JM:    Have you used Kandesn in films you’ve worked on? 

NHP:    I use most of the Kandesn products on ALL my films!  I LOVE it! And, of course, I get fabulouSunrider Gift Sets results with the actor’s skin.  I also insist on the trailers being cleaned with Sunbright Superclean Household and Sunsmile Fruit and Vegetable Rinse.  When I start a movie I stock up on as many Sunrider products as possible, including the shaving products, dental products, etc.

VitaShakeCalli Tea by SunriderJM:    You’ve mentioned that you love Calli, are there other Sunrider products you also enjoy? 

NHP:    One of THE most important items of my “kit” is my thermos filled with Calli!  It goes everywhere with me!  I also could not survive the often grueling hours that we work without my VitaShake or NuPlus shake.  In fact, our entire household is a Sunrider home. We use just about EVERY product.

Kandesn Products by SunriderJM:    You have a successful career, how does Kandesn or Sunrider complement it?

NHP:    The actors I work with have many stresses put on their skin-from smoke to fake snow, spending days/weeks in all elements of weather, long working hours, and special effects makeup, and emotional stress from being on camera!  The Kandesn line is fantastic for keeping their skin smooth and youthful-a must in the film industry!  This applies equally to men.

JM:    What trends do you see in makeup?

NHP:     I think the trends are moving toward smoother and more healthy, youthful looking skin with fresh, NATURAL makeup.

We look forward to seeing Norma’s work and Kandesn on the big screen again soon!

Kurt Russell at Sundance with SunriderLea Thompson at Sundance Film Festival with SunriderFamous actors, supermodels, world-class athletes, and other fantastically fit people around the world use superior health and fitness products that are not found in the usual places.  Their secret to excellent health and beauty is that they have access to higher quality make-up, skin care, and health foods that are not sold in stores.  Now, you have that same access, thanks to BestHealthFoodStore.net.  

Our online health food store only sells the highest quality products for fitness and beauty, and they are all made by one company, Sunrider.  In their 400+ product line, Sunrider manufactures Kandesn and Oi-Lin skin care and cosmetics, known throughout the world for their unmatched safety and effectiveness, as well as award winning health foods, snacks, beverages and herbal supplements.