April 2, 2013 @ 11:03 PM

by Cliff Smith

J.W. EmersonCollege football coach and chemistry teacher, JW Emerson, reveals some vital information about nutrition and alkaline foods vs acid (negative) foods in this video.  He speaks of getting rid of “fluff” and how to take your health to a higher level with proper nutrition.  Fluff refers to excess fat. 

JW Emerson coached football, taught health, and he has studied body wellness for more than 50 years.  With a background in Chemistry and Health Education, JW'S philosophy is: "With the right nutrition, the body works harmoniously, and we experience vitality and clearer thinking with an overall sense of well being."

JW Emerson at Pitt State UniversityJW was inducted into the Pittsburg State University Athletic Hall of Fame for his coaching achievements, taking six losing football clubs and turning them into winners.  For more than twenty years, JW has continued teaching and mentoring wellness following the ancient "Philosophy of Regeneration" to help renew cells, tissue, and organs for greater wellness. 

In this video, JW Emerson talks about negative foods-Salt, sugar, fat, meat, dairy, processed foods-robbing the body of vitality. 

Calli, Nuplus, QuinaryIn this video, JW Emerson describes how Calli Tea is really a food and together with Quinary and Nuplus can build a body up.  He links these alkaline foods to body strength, stamina, longevity and vitality while countering that acid foods, or negative foods only tear the body down. Take the Alkaline Food Test.

This video is a few years old, so the packaging of Calli and Quinary is different today. The labels have all been updated in the past couple of years, but are still the same great formulas that Sunrider has been making in the USA since 1982!

J.W. attributes his ongoing vitality to a healthy diet and daily exercise, but most of all he believes Sunrider's powerful nutrition is the key. "Every day", he said, "I eat the basic Sunrider products-NuPlus, Quinary, and Calli.  I also consume many other Sunrider products-they are my groceries! I find that as one ages...you do not have to be feeble or shuffle through life. At age 60, I decided to invest in my health and find that with a healthy lifestyle, the golden years are truly golden:"

Now, in his 80’s, J.W. Emerson continues to lead the way toward health and vitality with Sunrider.