February 26, 2013 @ 11:36 AM

by Cliff Smith

Obesity is one of the greatest health threats to society today. So many people are eager to shed unwanted weight that they are willing to try things that actually do more harm than good.

Dr. Chen and SunTrim PlusDr. Tei-Fu Chen, the founder of Sunrider and creator of over four hundred herbal health products, has given us some valuable advice in the past. Now, he has plenty to say about why some popular weight loss strategies do not work.

Dr. Chen says, “I see many weight-loss products on the market hailing the benefits of chemical protein powder, which I do not consider a food nor nutritious for the human body. Let me explain a few other popular, yet flawed, weight loss strategies you may have heard of.

Popular Weight Loss Strategy #1

Some weight loss products rely on ingredients your body cannot digest well with the theory that these substances will take up room in your stomach so there is less space to consume calories your body can digest and thus lose weight.  Initially, people may experience some weight loss, but eventually the body’s natural eating habits will urge the person to consume the same caloric intake it is used to eating.

Fat Man at the BeachNow you are left adding the volume of food required to meet your normal caloric intake, the volume of indigestible “weight loss” product, and are increasing your volume intake. As your volume intake increases, your stomach has to stretch to accommodate the increased volume. When a person stops taking the weight-loss product, they are left with an expanded stomach that has the capacity to hold even more food before feeling satiated.  This becomes a vicious cycle: the stomach stretches out, your waistline expands, the larger stomach volume requires more food volume (calories) to feel satiated, and you gain more weight. This vicious cycle is a struggle for many people looking to lose weight.  They lose a little weight only to gain it all back.Diet Pills

Popular Weight Loss Strategy #2

Another widely used approach is using medication to reduce your appetite.  It works on the brain to depress you so you don’t want to eat anything. Unfortunately, what most people don’t realize is you end up eating more food, not less.  Ask yourself, do you eat more food or less food when you are feeling depressed?  Yes, the medication may help a person eat less during dinnertime, but feeling depressed all day may cause people to snack in between their main meals, thus eating more calories throughout the day than if they just ate according to their normal habits.

Popular Weight Loss Strategy #3

Speed up your metabolism with stimulants to burn more calories. Some products use large amounts of added caffeine or ma huang.  Others use guarana which can be 10-15 times more stimulating than coffee.  The theory is that if you take ma huang to speed up your metabolism then you can burn calories faster.  Currently, there is a  lot of discussion about the potential life-threatening dangers of consuming energy drinks with high levels of these stimulants.  ABC News recently reported a study from a survey of U.S. hospitals by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration which said, “The number of emergency-room visits linked to energy drinks had doubled in four years – from 10,000 in 2007 to 20,000 in 2011.”

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Popular Weight Loss Strategy #4

And then there are those who combine a rigorous exercise regimen with dangerously low caloric intake and a nutritionally imbalanced crash diet to reach their weight-loss goal faster.  This group will realize later they have damaged their metabolism while ultimately gaining back all, and possibly more of the weight they worked so hard to lose.

How did we get here as a society?  

Simply put, we forced our bodies to accept a larger quantity (and nutritionally poorer quality) of food than what our bodies need to function optimally. Gradually our bodies became used to these bad habits.

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