August 1, 2012 @ 12:50 PM

by Cliff Smith

Olympic SwimmersIt's no secret that Olympic athletes need the highest quality nutrition available.  They want complex carbohydrates for long lasting energy, plus healthy fats and muscle building protein.  The secret for them, and really for all of us, is to find foods that deliver the greatest concentration of beneficial nutrients in the fewest calories.

To nourish the body at the highest level, like Olympic athletes, considerations for quality over quantity are critical. In other words, even if quantities are lower, it is often smarter to consume smaller amounts of protein from the right sources rather than ingesting large quantities of muscle blasting drinks loaded up with whey protein.  Those whey protein drinks are often filled with chemical compounds and isolated vitamins and minerals that the body treats as waste.  Excess protein makes the body acidic and can be dangerous to the kidneys. Most people, except Olympic athletes, consume too much protein.

Two major factors that play an important role in nutrition are rates of absorption and metabolization.  Absorption or assimilation is key because this determines how many of the valuable nutrients in food are actually being utilized as fuel by the body.  Isolated vitamins and minerals that are usually found in multivitamins are not as easily assimilated as vitamins and minerals from whole foods, like fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Chen MetaBoosterMetabolization is important when considering nutrition for Olympic athletes because this involves the digestive processes that turn nutrients into energyThe best way to understand this is to think about how you feel after a big meal.  Most people become sluggish and tired after eating as the body's energy is used to digest the food.  Once again, this proves that it is better to obtain easily assimilated and metabolized nutrients from foods with the lowest calorie counts.  Dr. Chen Metabooster efficiently turns nutrients into energy with essential amino acids, the building blocks of protein.

So, if you want to eat like Olympic athletes you need to change your traditional concepts about nutrition.  Rather than copying Michael Phelp's 12,000 calorie per day diet, if you're not swimming 10 miles daily, you're better off with a healthy food plan.  Therefore, you need the most efficient nutrition to satisfy hunger the right way.  This is why whole food concentrates work best for people who want to feel like Olympic athletes.

Israeli Olympic FlagIn 2008, our manufacturer, Sunrider, was the sole nutritional provider for the Israeli Olympic team in Beijing.  Products like Vitashake, NuPlus, Quinary, Metabooster and Fortune Delight gave those athletes all the serious nutrition they needed. Concentrated nutrients from products like these are easily absorbed and metabolized to provide maximum nutrition in the fewest calories possible.

VitaShakeNuPlus-LargeQuinaryFortune Delight

12-time Iron Man Triathlete Tod Miller says this: "I have been eating Sunrider foods since I was 19 (over 20 years).  It assists me with being nourished to the point, where I am not interested in unhealthy food.  It is convenient and easy to use anywhere." -Tod Miller/Phoenix, Arizona

"The Nuplus and Quinary that I take every morning and night provides my body with the energy to make it through both halves of my soccer games, practices, and workouts.  Instead of drinking the Gatorade that most athletes swear by, I find that drinking Fortune Delight hydrates better when I go for the long 5k and trail blazing runs."  -Stephanie Moore

Bodybuilder Ricky Wright"In October 2011, I competed my first body-building competition.  Fueled by Sunrider nutrition, I won fifth in the light heavyweight class for men 25 and over.  This advanced me to provincials where I won fourth in the masters class for men over 40.  From here, I advanced to nationals.  While the other guys struggled with hunger and low energy, I didn't experience that. My body was well nourished and never hungry. I was hydrated, and  my energy level was good, thanks to Sunrider.  At age 51, this is a great accomplishment for me. I highly recommend Sunrider for anyone wanting the cutting edge for a healthy, fit body."   -Ricky Wright