October 31, 2012 @ 11:23 AM

by Cliff Smith

Sunrider 30th Anniversary LogoHere at BestHealthFoodStore.net we stick to one line of products because we know there is nothing comparable on the market for wellness, today.  Our manufacturer, Sunrider International, is the world’s leading producer of herbal foods, drinks and supplements.  That’s why we’re joining them in their 30th anniversary of leading the way to health and beauty.

Even though we have tried hundreds of other health and beauty products, we’re proud to offer only Sunrider items at our online health food store.  These products are so advanced, people have a hard time finding anything this powerful or effective in typical retail stores.  We constantly hear incredible success stories from our customers and other Sunrider members.

Here is another real-life example of the power of Sunrider.

As a holistic chiropractor and acupuncturist in Minnesota, Dr. Shelley Nash discovered the many benefits of Sunrider products for her own well-being and the health of her patients. Now, in Scottsdale Arizona, she continues to use these herbal formulas because they help her “feel healthy, focused, and alert”.  That is why this Doctor believes that “Sunrider is the best insurance for a healthy and vibrant life and lifestyle for the future”.

Dr. Nash especially focuses on the skin care lines from Sunrider, but also understands that their nutritional products nourish the whole body from the inside-out.  She notes that the Sunrider Philosophy of Regenerationaffects the health of the skin in a positive way”.  The results are quite apparent in this glowing testimonial and photo of Dr. Nash.

Dr. Shelley Nash Sunrider Testimonial