October 22, 2012 @ 11:31 AM

by Cliff Smith

Woman Shopping for SupplementsIf you’re looking for serious nutrition in retail stores, you’re missing out on advanced products that are not sold in conventional supermarkets or health food stores.  Large overhead expenses such as rent, utilities and insurance require retail store owners to make a hefty return on products they sell.  So, inferior ingredients are often used to produce protein drinks, vitamins, minerals and supplements inexpensive enough to sell for a large profit. 

Protein blasters, for example, are usually loaded with cheap protein from low quality soy isolates or other poor sources.  Multi-vitamins are typically made with synthetic vitamins from a laboratory that the body doesn't recognize as real nutrition. Teas and other drinks in retail stores most always contain too much sugar, too many questionable ingredients and are highly processed for mass packaging.  At our online health food store, we prefer high quality ingredients from very specific whole food sources, carefully processed without added sugars, artificial sweeteners, preservatives or other chemicals. 

Our one-and-only manufacturer, Sunrider, uses only the most beneficial ingredients in
Calli Tea

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Unlike most supplement makers that just grind up and cram the cheapest things they can use in capsules or protein drinks, our manufacturer specifically combines the most beneficial herbal components for maximum effectiveness and safety.  The plants are picked at just the right time, intensively cleaned by hand and machine, then the most nutritious parts of the whole food ingredients are super-CONCENTRATED for incredible results.

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