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Alkaline Health Drinks Make Energy Drinks Seem Like Candy

Comparing natural health drinks with vitamin waters, sports drinks and energy drinks

By Cliff Smith

Energy Drink

Comparing alkaline health drinks vs. energy drinks, sports drinks, or vitamin waters is kind of like comparing the benefits of eating peaches and lemons over the benefits of eating candy. It’s a no brainer!

The perfect alkaline health drinks contain real whole foods as ingredients. These ingredients are vastly different from all the colorful dyes, “natural flavors”, isolated vitamins and harmful sweeteners found in many of the artificially enhanced energy drinks, vitamin waters and sports drinks being hyped today.

Fortune Delight Alkaline Drinks

Health drinks that are formulated with natural, whole food ingredients are good for pH balance while most energy drinks, vitamin waters, and sports drinks are acid forming, which contributes to an alkaline/acid imbalance in the body.

Of course, the herbal ingredients in these naturally alkaline health drinks may not sound as sophisticated as something like “sucralose” (a sweetener in energy drinks, sports drinks and vitamin water made through a process of chlorination), but they are much more beneficial for the body.

Truly beneficial alkaline health drinks are specifically processed so that whole food ingredients are kept intact with living plant enzymes and natural antioxidants. This allows the body to absorb valuable nutrients along with H2O more efficiently. 

Colorful DrinksWhen deciding whether to consume those colorful vitamin waters and energy drinks or naturally formulated alkaline health drinks, look at this comparison.

Sports Drinks, Energy Drinks and Vitamin Waters (Example):

  • Ingredients in energy drinks, vitamin waters and sports drinks are typically water, "natural" flavors, sucralose, isolated B vitamins and other laboratory produced artificial nutrients. So, along with the dead, demineralized water you get a chlorine processed sweetener, unidentified natural flavors and artificially created vitamins that the body does not recognize as nutrients from whole foods. There are no real strawberries, peaches or other fruit. Even if there were any whole food ingredients, the high temperatures used in processing most likely destroyed any live enzymes. Without those living plant enzymes the body does not easily absorb the available nutrients. So, very few of the isolated vitamins in “enhanced” vitamin waters, sport drinks, or energy drinks are really usable by the body for energy.

Alkaline Health Drinks (Example):

  • Liqui-FiveWhile natural, alkaline health drinks are not as common as sports drinks, vitamin waters and caffeine laced energy drinks, there are health drinks made with water, real plant extracts and alkaline based herbal ingredients that most consumers do not recognize. Researching further behind the nutrition fact label, we find that these natural plant ingredients contain valuable nutrients found in whole foods, including live enzymes and powerful antioxidants.  When processed and packaged carefully at lower temperatures, live enzymes in whole foods make it easier for nutrients to be absorbed by the cells of the body. As an added bonus, the natural, alkaline properties of the food grade herbs provide a healthy pH balance to counteract all those acid-forming foods and drinks that most people consume every day. 

These examples reveal the choices consumers can make between naturally alkaline health drinks that build the body up or sports drinks, vitamin waters, and energy drinks that tear the body down. Evergreen alkaline health drinksThey cost about the same, the flavors are real fruit vs. artificially enhanced chemicals and the health benefits are vastly different. It seems easy to make the sensible selection. However, many people are confused by all the hype and brightly colored bottles, or by the lack of real information on those intoxicating nutrition fact labels. Instead of honest nutrition facts, the marketing geniuses for those sexy vitamin waters and sports drinks tell consumers how cool they will be if they drink their super exciting, “enhanced”, neon power-charged energy drinks. 

In this revved up world, most people want to get in, get out and get a boost. When feeling tired, it’s easy to grab something they have been led to believe is good for them. In reality, consumers may be doing more harm than good.  Once they see behind the hype, it is easy to quickly learn why naturally alkaline health drinks are far better for people than all those brightly colored vitamin waters, mood boosting energy drinks and junk food sports drinks. 

Author Profile - Cliff Smith, as owner of an online health food store, is constantly researching the latest nutrition information.  His articles here are a must for anyone who wants to know if they are eating the right foods.  Cliff's personal success story is highlighted by natural weight loss and athletic achievements through a combination of concentrated health drinks, all natural foods and alkaline drinks for pH balance.

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