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How Calcium Supplements Support Healthy Pregnancy Nutrition

by Cliff Smith

Does pregnancy increase the need for calcium?

According to the March of Dimes, a woman’s need for calcium is actually fairly consistent throughout her adult life.  This does not mean that calcium supplements are not important for pregnancy nutrition, though.  In fact, most women are not getting the appropriate daily amount even before they become pregnant.  As soon as a healthy plan for pregnancy nutrition is needed, many women realize they may have been short changing themselves of calcium all along.

  • The recommended amount of calcium for a woman aged 19-50 is about 1,000 milligrams daily.  In reality, most are only getting about 700 milligrams.  Taking in the proper amount as a part of healthy pregnancy nutrition can become even more vital as the baby will be requiring some of those 1,000 milligrams.  If the body cannot get what it needs from the food supply (including calcium supplements), then it starts “borrowing” it from other places, such as the mother’s bones.

Start with Natural Sources for Calcium

While it’s important not to rely solely on calcium supplements, they can be an effective part of a solid pregnancy nutrition plan.  In addition to taking whole food vitamins and minerals, pregnant and breastfeeding women should make sure they are consuming other natural sources of calcium.  For those who eat dairy products, these can be a great source.  Other natural places to turn include leafy (dark) green vegetables.  Some foods are now also supplemented with calcium, as is the case with many brands of orange juice.

Adding the Right Kind of Calcium Supplements

One of the causes for inadequate levels of calcium is that many women think they are getting enough from their daily vitamins.  In fact, the amount contained in a typical multi-vitamin is not even close to the recommended daily allowance.  There can also be issues with the calcium being properly absorbed within the body.  It is important to your pregnancy nutrition that you choose calcium supplements that the body recognizes and absorbs easily.  Whole food multi-vitamins are the best bet.

Other tips for getting the most from your calcium supplement include taking it at mealtime and avoiding those that contain bone meal.  According to the March of Dimes, those that include bone meal may also include several toxic substances that certainly should not be eaten, especially as part of pregnancy nutrition.  As for taking it at meal times, this both helps you to remember to take the supplement and helps the body absorb it properly.

Other Considerations for Adding Calcium Supplements to Pregnancy Nutrition

It is very important to note that the body cannot typically absorb more than about 60% of its daily allotment of calcium in one sitting.  This means that it is necessary to take the supplements at least twice a day.  Again, taking them at meal times can be a good reminder to ensure enough is being ingested throughout the course of the day.

Finally, vitamin D is very important in the absorption of nutrients. So, ensuring that your pregnancy nutrition includes healthy amounts of vitamin D2 also determines calcium levels.

Search the Internet for whole food chewable calcium supplements. Also, read more helpful articles at BestHealthFoodStore.net to learn how calcium supplements affect pH balance and get your pregnancy nutrition on the right track.

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