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Belly Fat and Wheat Belly are Synonymous with Weight Gain

by Cliff Smith

Cliff Smith-Co-owner of Besthealthfoodstore.netRecently, at our online health food store, I received an inquiry from someone who wanted to know how to eliminate belly fat.  Of course, this is not the first time I’ve been asked this, but it motivated me to look into the subject again for the first time in a few years.  The striking discovery now is the overwhelming evidence pointing to wheat belly as a major problem for people dealing with weight gain.

Check out this quote from Dr. Mark Hyman’s article,
Three Hidden Ways Wheat Makes You Fat

  • “It is not just the amount but also the hidden components of wheat that drive weight gain and disease.  This is not the wheat your great-grandmother used to bake her bread.  It is FrankenWheat – a scientifically engineered food product developed in the last 50 years.”

Here’s another quote from an article in the Chicago Tribune:

  • “This genetically altered form of wheat has been transformed into such a destructive "food" that any amount has the potential to trigger undesirable consequences.”

Source: Against the Grain-Wheat Belly author claims staple is destructive to the body

With access to new sources regarding this topic, it appears more convincing that wheat belly and belly fat go hand in hand.  Unfortunately, it’s not just white bread and pasta that should be avoided, but many other wheat products, too, in order to deal with the obesity epidemic in America today.

So, here are some new guidelines I have developed for customers at our online health food store to avoid wheat belly, eliminate belly fat, and achieve natural weight loss, or at least, weight control.

Step 1 to eliminate belly fat is to drastically reduce wheat from your diet.  This means no bread with dinner, no sandwiches, no toast, no buns, doughnuts, cakes or cookies.  There are a vast number of things we eat that contain wheat.  It is almost impossible to eliminate them all, but at least getting after the obvious wheat options will be a step in the right direction.

Step 2 is to flush the fats and toxins from around the liver. Usually, the first twenty to thirty pounds of weight loss for many people is water weight.  So, the more detoxifying liquids you can take in, the better.  But, you need more than just plain water to see real results.  Try natural health drinks and herbal teas.  These can produce the best outcomes most rapidly.

Step 3 is to make sure you are getting really high quality nutrition in the fewest number of calories, while eliminating things that contribute to belly fat.  The best way to do this is by stepping into the 21st century with whole food concentrates that deliver optimum nutrition in very few calories.

In addition to these three steps, it is a good idea to take a look at your diet to see what other culprits are contributing to belly fat. 

Here are foods we suggest getting rid of, or at least cutting way back on, to lessen belly fat:

  • Wheat (breads, pastas, crackers, cakes, cookies)
  • Cheese (the mucus produced by cheese can line the colon and prevent nutrient absorption)
  • Beef (clogs the works and is hard for the body to process)
  • Sweets (sugar is as addictive as cocaine and only contributes to weight gain)
  • Alcohol (sugar and alcohol are similar addictions)

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